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April 2, 2011

It's Barbie!

It is BARBIE BURGERS! There is there is a pink Barbie Mobile food truck with a bunch of Barbies riding on top, traveling on the road near you. The Barbie Mobile is ready to sell you a Barbie Burger, fries and milk shake. Get on the Barbie Burger Tweet, and find out where you can get a BARBIE BURGER!
Barbie bacon cheese burger
When I first caught a sight of the bubble gum pink Barbie Burger mobile pulling up to a parking area at 5 Points in East Nashville, I started jumping up and down while saying, "I want a Barbie Burger!" I had to get a Barbie Burger! When I was a kid, Barbie was Queen! I really wanted the food of the Barbie Queen!
the Barbie Burger sign on the side of the RV
IYou can't miss miss the pink RV, I mean it is PINK with a bunch of Barbies on top of it. The only way you might miss seeing this pink RV is if you have red/pink color blindness, but you cannot miss all the Barbies attached to to roof of the Pink Barbie Mobile.
the real life Barbie serving up Barbie Burgers!
There is a real life Barbie serving up food too! Look at real life Barbie and the Barbie doll on the bottom right of the photo. Huh, what do you think? Right! Real Life Barbie!

Barbies on top of the Barbie Burger Mobile
So last week, it was the inaugural Nashville Fashion Week, and Christian Siriano of Project Runway fame was in town showing a collection in a venue a block away from 5 Points in East Nashville. I was at 5 Points for the Barbie Burger! but many others were there for Christian's fashion show. As I was mulling around the Pink Barbie Mobile, a chic young woman coming from the direction of the fashion show looked at me and asked with a smile, "What's going on! What is this?" I said, "It is Barbie Burger! There is a real life Barbie serving up burgers from the Pink Barbie Mobile!" Well, this fashionable young woman was smiling with joy and she chimed in joy, "I want a Barbie Burger! I want a Barbie Burger!" If nothing else, this pink RV mobile and the words Barbie Burger will bring a smile to your face.

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At 4/4/11, 9:37 AM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This is one of the best looking burgers I have ever seen.Barbie Burger what an awesome idea.You find out about the neatest things going on in town.

At 4/12/11, 1:40 PM, Blogger Rosa said...

I soooo love this! I am freshly home (Nashville) from Portland where street food is flourishing. So happy to find a few right here in my back yard! Going exploring soon! Happy to find ya!


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