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June 7, 2011

Give me a Slice

pepperoni pie
(sorry so blurry, this is from an iPod camera)

I hate Mall and Sprawl where this NY Pie is located, but it is worth the trip. To find NY Pie is not easy, so here are the directions. Go to the Nashville West Shopping Center on Charlotte Pike. The closest exit is I40 exit 201 take a left at to bottom of the ramp onto Charlotte Pike. Make a left into the Nashville West Mall and Sprawl 1st entrance. Make a right on the Mall and Sprawl parking lot road. There is the big building with the Target, Dicks, Marshall's etc to the left. NY Pie is NOT in that big building, it will be on the right. There is a Red Robin's in the middle of the Mall and Sprawl parking lot. When you see the Red Robin's, make a right into the small parking lot in the small strip mall. In the back left corner is NY Pie, next to Blue Coast Burrito and an tanning shop. When you look out of the NY Pie window, you see the side of Red Robin's.

pepperoni and sausage slice
(photo from regular point and shoot camera)

I have heard it a zillion times in this town, "You gotta try this pizza, it is so good!" And I go, and it is usually mediocre pizza that makes me frown. I never blog about those mediocre places because they are not worthy of my time and effort, and I am not wasting my money to return to those places. So, again, I heard over and over, "You gotta try NY Pie! It is so good!" It took me a while to try NY Pie because I have heard it so many times before for other places and was sadly disappointed, and NY Pie is in the heart of the new Mall and Sprawl of West Nashville, and I hate Mall and Sprawl. To my surprise, NY Pie is really good, the toppings are really good, and there is someone there who knows how to make pizza crust. The only thing that I wrestle with now about going to NY Pie is the 10 miles of highway driving, the traffic down the road to Mall and Sprawl, and then fighting for a parking space against all the SUVs in the parking lot which are always parked over the line. I have gone multiple times to NY Pie because the pizza and calzones are that good, and I am willing to make that huge compromise to get there.


The gig here is that this pizza isn't like NY pizza (which is a giant floppy slice from Rays and Famous Rays), but it is a very good pizza by the slice place. NY Pie is a long time coming, and reminds me of my favorite pizza joint in Massachusetts (from 20 years ago) Antonios. 20 years ago, Antonio's offered taco pizza, chicken parm pizza, Buffalo chicken pizza, Greek style pizza, etc by the slice. There wasn't anywhere in Nashville that does that until now, and that is NY Pie. NY Pie has all sorts of pizzas like chicken parm, taco and Greek by the slice for when supplies last. When they are out, they are out, and if you want that type of pie, you will have to order a whole pie.

Everything we tried so far has been delicious. The pepperoni, sausage, feta, basil etc toppings are good, appropriate and enhances the pizza or calzone. I say this because there are two places in Nashville with low quality toppings that actually detract from the pizza. Not all toppings are created equally, and NY Pie seems to have the right suppliers.

Over time NY Pie has really caught on and is now quite busy. Be patient when you go because the whole pies and calzones are made to order and are worth the wait.

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At 6/8/11, 7:21 AM, Anonymous Nonoy said...

Looks very delicious. I really love Italian food, especially Pizza. I like Sbarro here in Cebu, Philippines.:-)

At 6/8/11, 12:38 PM, Blogger Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great looking pizzas! When eating outside I have rarely come across a pizza that rocked my world....



At 6/8/11, 11:10 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Nonoy, this pizza place, believe it or not, is better than Sbarro! Truly it is! If ever you are in Nashville, and would like pizza, you must try this place.

Rosa, same here. Rarely is there really good pizza around my town. This little pizza place is really good. They have very good ingredients.

At 6/9/11, 7:15 AM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This sounds like a great pizza place! The food really does look so delicious.

At 9/24/11, 11:29 AM, Blogger Cameram said...

Born and raised on Long Island and I beg to differ. This is very much like the pie I grew up with and this has been confirmed by NY visitors. That said I appreciate your appreciation of this excellent pizzeria.

At 10/4/11, 12:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I go here all the time! I am obsessed with their pizza. It is that good. It is right down the street from me. The owner is so nice and the staff is super friendly.


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