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November 5, 2011

MADD about Tea

cost $35 single, $65 double

Come join the MADD hatter tea party and try a variety of teas (for real, tea tasting)! Because it is a Madd hatter tea party, wear your craziest hat and win the best hat contest! Craft Store here I come! I need to make me a MADD as a hatter hat! So, how the crazy hat part is going to work is that there will be a Photo Booth set up during the event to get your hat photo taken. For the next week, Nov 14 - 21, the photos will be on the MADD About Tea Facebook page and the top 3 hat photos with the most "Likes" will win a prize!

Also included in this event is a silent auction including items from the fabulous list: Alegria Boutique, Elizabeth Sulkowski, Hilton Inn Downtown, J Bangs Hair Salon, J McLaughlin, Joseph Sulkowski, Kali Yuga Yoga, Kundalina Rinsing Yoga, Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, MADD, Margot Cafe, Nashville Predators, Nuvo Burrito, Portland Brews, Rose Pepper Cantina, Sambucca, Silly Goose, The Dog Spot, and the Frist Center.

OK, about MADD, they are a group which protects people from drink driving, and supports victims and survivors of drunk driving. Did you know, on average, one person dies everyday in the Tennessee by the driving hands of a drunk driver. Sadly, statistics show that 1/3 of us will be a victim of drunk driving. MADD is trying to reduce this statistic. Do your part, don't drink and drive, get a ride with a designated driver, and get home safely.


At 11/7/11, 11:16 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting about our upcoming event! We really hope that people will attend and support our in augural event!!! Purchase tickets today.

At 11/14/11, 5:55 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

T! Great time! Thanks for the Tea T!


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