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February 9, 2012

That Pizza Party

no knead dough - 00 flour

cheese pizza

apple and benton's bacon pizza

truffled mushroom

the aftermath

Again this year, we go the winning ticket to the pizza party of the year! The pizzas were made with fresh made dough using 00-flour from Italy giving the crust a lighter mouth feel. If you are in Nashville and want some 00-flour, go visit Lazzaroli's up in the Germantown section in Nashville. Our pals made a lot of really varieties of pizza:

butternut squash, caramelized onion and stilton
truffled wild mushroom with Gruyere
potato asparagus
fresh mozzarella
sausage, yellow pepper
ham and brussel spout
apple, benton's bacon, asparagus
bbq chicken

Our pals looked online for ideas to make pizza, including the use of Benton's bacon. There are a bunch of TN pizza joints using Benton's bacon on pizza, which is no surprise because Benton's is in TN. The surprise was that Benton's bacon pizza is being made in Los Angeles, the town of Venice, the home Venice Beach at Larry's which opened in the summer 2011. While they were looking for bacon pizza recipes, they found Larry's which has a benton's bacon and brussel sprout pizza, and they decided to make a pizza like this. Maybe the next time I am in LA, and have time, I may head to Larry's and get a little benton's bacon hometown flavor.


At 2/10/12, 1:17 AM, Blogger Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those pizzas look terrific!



At 2/10/12, 3:09 AM, Blogger Chloe Martin said...

Marvelous! I make pizza a lot, it's my favourite dish.

pizza delivery

At 2/10/12, 8:58 AM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco freiendly homemaking said...

Oh these pizzas look awesome!! Would you ever share your recipe for the crust?

At 2/11/12, 1:22 PM, Blogger H said...

They all look yummy, but that apple one especially looks amazing!


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