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May 31, 2012

Soy Teriyaki Bistro


There was so much traffic on the Nashville Scene's blog about Soy Teriyaki Bisto that I was compelled to try Soy Teriyaki Bisto, and I am glad I did.   Every comment was positive, and nearly everyone said the owners, the Lee family, are really nice.  Nice goes a long way.  With everything equal, I will go to an establishment that is nice to me, rather than one which is not.  I gotta tell you, everyone at Soy Teriyaki Bistro has been nice and welcoming to me, and the folks at Soy Teriyaki Bistro make me feel like Norm at Cheers.

I have gone multiple times, on different days of the week, and I have run into various friends there, such as old college buddies, bike club buddies, game night buddies, and professional society buddies have all been there multiple times.  And, the best part is, Lee's and employees greet and treat my pals the same way they treat me.  They are all welcoming as if I we all were friends walking into their living room.

bulgogi and brown rice

We have had various dishes here including the fried dumplings, the Hawaiian rice bowl, udon yaki, bulgogi, fish taco, salmon teriyaki, edamame, and chicken teriyaki.  The thing about this place is that ALL of the SAUCES are house made.  That is right, the bulgogi sauce is house made.  The teriyaki sauce is house made.  There is no yucky corn syrup food distributor crap, it is all real ingredients in these dishes.  They offer brown or white rice.  The veggies are all fresh shredded, not from a plastic bag.  Food is also fast to the table.  The quality of food is way better than any fast food chain, so it feels so much better eating here than other fast alternatives.  The best part is the food is served with a lot of friendly warmth.

May 25, 2012

Chef Chris

Yeah, what do you get when  Chris, who loves to cook, comes in from Seattle?  You get a really fabulous multi-course Thai inspired dinner!   We started out with a spicy ginger chicken liver dish, which was a bit like a larb, and a lettuce wrap.  The lettuce wrap included a make your own topping lettuce wrap with lime, onion, ginger, coconut, Thai chilies, peanuts and hoisin sauce.  The lettuce wasn't really a lettuce, rather it was a heart shaped leaf about the size of a grape leaf, but with smooth edges.  We all had fun mixing and matching the wraps.

The main course included cashew fried rice, panang curry chicken, gai lan broccoli, tofu veggie stir fry and a sweet and sour shrimp.  The amazing part about all these dishes is that Chris cooked them all in my friend's really small galley kitchen about 7 ft long, and one cast iron skillet.  Really amazing.

For dessert, we had a lychee tapioca pudding with delicate Thai rice flour cookies.  Dinner with friends was just really a wonderful time, and Chris insisted on doing all the cleaning!  YES!  I am longing forward for the next time Chris is in town.

Chris only comes into town every few years.  My friend just moved into a bigger home with a kitchen twice the size of her last kitchen.  Chris, when you are ready to come back, there will be a bigger kitchen waiting for you!

May 19, 2012

Visit Real Food

Open House - Farm Day! It is free, close by and organic!
Real Food Farms
6470 Manley Lane
Brentwood/Franklin, TN 37064

Saturday May 26, 7:00 am - 2:00 pm (stop in anytime)
Schedule of Events
7 am - Get hand on experience on the farm
9 am - Food Preservation class by Joan Wherley
10:30 am - Farm Tour
Noon - Lunch - farm fresh salads and veggies will be provided
(you are welcome to bring a healthy potluck dish to share)
1 pm - Choose from 2 classes 
a. Raw Foods in your diet
b. Organic Gardening
Come visit Farmer Dave and see what bounty you can get from so close by to your home.  Real Food Farm's is located off of Hillsboro Road in the the Grassland area of Williamson County.  Those of you who are part of a running or bicycling group know Grassland.  I have spent many Saturday mornings meeting my running group at the Grassland Middle School parking lot.  While meeting there, there are always a group of spandex bicycle folks also meeting there to ride on surface roads that traverse farms, meadows, and suburban subdivisions.  It always amazes me that this area is barely outside of Nashville, yet it is still not over built, and there is Real Food Farms growing veggies bio-dynamically.