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June 25, 2006

food in the PM

2010 Belmont Blvd
As the name suggests, you will want to visit PM in the evening. I believe it is only open after 5 pm to fit the name. The concept of PM is food and drink after work with a late night menu of Asian fusion bar food. When we get out of a 7 or 9 pm movie, or get of a late plane trip, PM is there to save us with fresh made foods and drink. I don't want to spend an arm or leg on late night food, I don't want just a fast food burger, I don't want to make it myself, and PM is the answer. The food here has been consistantly made and presented beautifully, and the food is great at the fusion of Asian spices on typical finger foods. There are Asian spicy wings, Thai sandwich wraps with a peanut dipping sauce, steak fries, sweet potato fries, coconut calamari (instead of shrimp) with chili and tangy-ginger dipping sauces, peanut sauce fondue, burgers, edamame, sushi, soups, salads and other fun foods. The bar selection is wide and varied for beer and mixed drinks, as well as the Asian tea selections.This evening food and drink spot is owned by the same people (Mr & Mrs Myint) who own International Market, a Thai fast food joint with an Asian pantry food market, across the street. The Myints, over the past 8 years have invented, re-invented the PM space and food, and finally I think they have a winning concept with PM.

The last time we were at PM, we got a Thai beef wrap sandwich which is just delicious. It has Thai spiced beef, carrots, cukes, and crispy rice noodles in a flour tortilla wrap. Very good! The coconut calamari seems like the calamari is fresh dipped in coconut flake tempura batter before coming to me golden brown . The spice chili sauce next to the ginger sweet sauce was the perfect accent to the fresh dish. The Asian wings are awesome, flavorful, and unlike any bar wing you can get.
The seating situation is vast. There is plenty of indoor seating, but it seems that there is no division between smoking and non-smoking sections inside. There is seating outside to the front of PM, and bar table seating on the deck to the side of the restaurant. We sat outside where no one was smoking, and enjoyed a very nice snack/meal. The service at 10 pm was a bit slow because there seemed to be only 2 waiters working for the entire restaurant. There is a seat yourself policy, so it took a while for one of the waiters to notice us. I will say that the waiters were working at a fast pace, but because of being understaffed, there was a wait issue.

One good thing about PM is that there Asian Fusion bar food is great for takeout. Call up, order a wrap sandwich, salad, soup, chicken wings, or chips and dip, then drive back home, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how well the food holds up.


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