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October 16, 2006

Cars in NYC

There are some people who have cars in Manhattan, but I suspect there are quite a few people without cars. There are plenty of sidewalks, subway lines, taxicabs and even ferry lines that can move people to and fro from borough to borough. When I used to live in Philadelphia, I used to take the R5 to the R2 to the New Jersey Transit to Penn Station in New York. It was about an hour and half ride, so I got to read, listen to music or nap. It was great. On occasion, my former roommate would drive up and take his car into Manhattan. He would try to street park, and on every occasion that he did this, his car would either be broken into, vandalized or towed by the city. It is just not worth it to drive into Manhattan in my opinion.

Check out these people who have cars in Manhattan. Look at this parking lot. There is enough room for 104 cars in the 2 deep, 12 across and 4 high parking lift as well as 48 surface spots. I wonder how long it would take to shuffle around the cars if a car in the top back had to be taken out, and all the surface spaces are taken.
Check out this personal parking garage on a block just south of SoHo. In many ways this looks like a completely crappy place to park a car. In most cases, it is crazy to have barbed wire on top to discourage people from jumping on top of the aluminum room and damaging the garage and car. BUT, who ever owns this rarity of a personal parking spot is really lucky and probably wealthy!


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