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October 4, 2006

Eat! Eat! You are getting thin!

Since the beginning of the planning of this outing to NYC, I have been dreaming about a great pastrami sandwich. If you ask Matt, this is all I had talked about for the few weeks leading up to the trip. I would ask if we were going to get our own sandwich or share one because they are quite BIG sandwiches. Should we waste time and money on slaw or fries? I mean the pastrami sandwich is a BIG sandwich, and we could not possibly eat all the sides and the sandwich, and I would hate to waste food. What was the drink going to be? A seltzer? Creme soda? I went on like this for days just trying to play out the perfect combination for the Katz Deli pastrami sandwich. There are so many combinations, and only one chance to get it right. It was planned that a Katz Deli homemade pastrami sandwich on rye that has hand sliced pastrami with all the fatty glory, was going to be the first meal after getting off the plane. We raced to the hotel, dropped the bags and walked real fast to get me MY SANDWICH!
And... drum roll please... The perfect combo was to share a hand sliced pastrami sandwich, a taster plate of 3 types of pickle, and a Dr. Brown's creme soda. Ahhhh....

Here is a better view of THE Pastrami sandwich! It shows you all the smoked charred top edge, the lushous layer of fat, and the juicy tender brisket meat that is lightly corned. For those who have never had real New York Pastrami, come take a closer look at the sandwich... Yes, it is about the meat AND the fat layer. It is about the beef fat baby. The sandwich was so tall, that I had to eat slices of pastrami first before it could become a manageable height to eat. Every piece was delicious, not too salty, and truly a perfect pastrami. Since we shared one sandwich, I only got a half sandwich which was enough, but not too much. I was left with the feeling that I could eat another half, but I didn't. I left satisfied and wanting more. Watch out Katz Deli, I will be back! I gotta plan another trip to NYC soon.

A quick history round up: Katz since 1888. Filmed the famous scene of "I'll have what she is having" in When Harry Met Sally. Katz is also know for the saying "Send a salami to your boy in the Army." All these stupid facts are just extraneous to the real issue here - this place has absolutely fantastic pastrami, and quite possibly the best pastrami in the USA.

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At 10/6/06, 10:49 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Hello Lannae, I am very impressed with this blog. Not many food blogs really temptated me to try the places introduced for real. You are one of them. ;) In fact, I have put them as my food list to try the next time if I go NYC. Katz is on my toplist now. Keep it up!!

At 10/7/06, 11:10 AM, Blogger Lannae said...

fish fish, Thank You for saying nice things about my blog! When you go to Katz, take a friend with you to share! The sandwich is $13.50, and very big! I hope you have fun in NYC when you go!


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