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September 17, 2006

Frankly Speaking

Hot Diggity Dogs
614 Ewing Eave
Nashville, TN

The sign for Hot Diggity Dogs is factual, and everything you need to know before visiting. This place is so very good with serving different regional hot dogs. I think that Layla and Gayle (owners of this place) are the best at what they do, that when I was in Chicago, I felt no compulsion to get a Chicago Dog because I can get an excellent one right at home. I am completely satisfied that I can get one of the best hot dogs here, that I did not want to risk being let down in Chicago by visiting a sub-par hot dog joint. In my mind, Layla and Gayle have set the hot dog bar rather high.
Since Hot Diggity Dogs is in Nashville, and the weather cooperates most months out of the year, there is outdoor picnic table seating with big Vienna Beef hot dog umbrellas to shield diners from the sun. There is also counter seating inside, but it can get crowded inside due to the popularity of this place during lunch.
You can get a hot dog any way you want for $2.50. Choose a type of hot dog on the menu, pile all of the fixin's on, or eat it plain, it is your choice what to put on the dog for the same price. I choose them to grill mine on the flame griller as "extra charred" or "burnt". Before they do, they snip the ends so the dog doesn't curl up and char unevenly. There is he classic steamed dog too, if you would care for that.
I usually get the Texan (top) made with chili, cheese whiz, and onions. I am in a rut, but it makes me happy to eat the hot dog. My dining mate got the Boston (bottom) which comes with baked beans, cheese whiz and onions. Having lived in Boston for a good many years, I don't think that Boston's hot dog identity includes baked beans and cheese whiz, but my dining mate assures me that Hot Diggity Dogs created a good hot dog anyway.

The other thing I get when I go to Hot Diggity Dog is their french fries. They are made fresh to order, so they are not sitting around getting soggy, or tough. When you order fries, they put your portion into the frier right then. There is nothing like a fresh, hot, crispy on the outside, smooth on the inside, french fried potato. This time, I got cheese whiz with my fries. Plain, cheese, or chili cheese fries, they are all good here.


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