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August 28, 2006

Head, Heart, Hands, Health

Ohio (65) is 2nd only to Wisconsin (89) for the most number of 4-H clubs in the state, as of the time of this post. Ohio has a strong county fair tradition and that gives Ohio 4-H clubs great places to show their stuff from home to animal husbandry. At the Erie County Fair, the Fair Queen and Fair King are members of a 4-H club, and the picture above shows the winners of the Queen and King this year.

In tradition of good sportsmanship, the Erie County Fair invited neighboring county Queens, Kings and courts to visit the fair for a day. Above, here are the lucky winners of the titles Queen, King, and Princess.

As someone who has lived in the biggest USA cities most of my life, I always thought that 4-H was about raising livestock. Now that I have spent a lot of time in Ohio, I have learned that there are many aspects to 4-H including broad categories of citizenship and civic duty, arts, science, Earth, leadership, plants, animals, and family among the big ones. I have also learned that animal husbandry is still a part of 4-H.

Here is a turkey that I thought should win for being such a fine turkey.

Here is a chicken who looked completely nutty in my view finder.

How about this miniature pony? Cute huh? I really like mini ponies.

There is a llama competition too. This one was hang out being cool.

Now, here is my favorite - Pygmy Goats. They are just so small, cute and quite useful for mowing the lawn. These goats remind me of my kittycat for some reason.

Here is the dog who won for best dog grooming in the Jr Fair competition. Yes, this dog is groomed quite well indeed! And a nice friendly dog too!


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