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August 18, 2006

Its My B-day and I Will Eat What I Want To

As I have said before, and always request, I want to go to Margot's for my birthday. Last year, I was conned into being taken to Another Restaurant for my b-day because I always want to go to Margot's and I should try something different. What happened at the Other Restaurant was that the food was not consistent, the 1st try was over-cooked, dried out, burnt, and arrived late to the table and cold, so I had to send it back. 2nd try was hot but had no seasoning (duh salt and pepper at minimum dudes), obviously missing ingredients, and bland. I was making me upset to see 3-digits of bills being bleed from the wallet for a seriously sub-par meal and dining experience. I actually cried over the loss of all that money that could have become part of a down-payment for house, car, or vacation. Matt then tried to take me to a few other places during the month of August 2005, but all I want is to go to Margot Cafe. Finally, after the 4th non-Margot try, I told Matt in clear language, "I want to have my birthday dinner at Margot's. You can keep depleting the retirement fund, but the drain can end by going to Margot's, or a place that is just as good as Margot's. The only place as good as Margot's is Margot's, so I want to go to Margot's."
Fast forward 1 year, Matt got smarter, and he actually heard me say (and type in my blog), The ONLY birthday dinner I want is at Margot's. The one and ONLY birthday dinner 2006 was at MARGOT'S! I am so happy!!!! WHEE!!!!! #&(@#*)%* Happy Happy Happy! I think that Margot's is the best prepared food of any restaurant anywhere. I have lived 3 of the top 5 dining cities in the USA, and I insist that Margot has better technique and consistency than any of the restaurants in those cities. I will say again, my standing order for my B-day dinner is Margot's! See you there in August 2007. About my Birthday Dinner 2006, the menu is Simply Delicious! We started with fresh sweet corn soup with a basil puree, and fresh sardine salad with arugula and EVOO. Both were made with best freshest ingredients, which translated to awesome 1st dishes. The corn soup had a lovely basil aroma, and the corn kernels had a fresh sweet crisp pop to them. The sardines were buttery, smooth, and perfectly matched with the arugula. I have never had fresh sardines, and these were exceptional. I can see why people would have orginally eaten a sardine, as these were magical. The sardines in a can... well, it is like fresh tuna sushi vs canned tuna.
For the main dish, I had the tender steak with chantrelle and baby shitake mushrooms over roasted asparagus. I asked for the steak to be cooked medium rare, and Margot's is the only restaurant in Nashville that actually delivers a medium rare steak. Fantastic! Wow! Make me happy! The portion size was perfect, where it left me feeling satisfied and wanting to visit Margot's again on some other day. Of course it was my birthday, and what would a birthday be without dessert? I am not a huge fan of cake, except for my neighbor's (2-doors down) cake, and she is the Tennessee State Fair Cake Making Blue Ribbon Champion. C'mon, how could her cake not be yummy? So at Margot's I opted for the cantelope sorbet with a pecan tuille. Oh, what a fresh, light and refreshing way to end my birthday dinner. All good meals have to come to an end, as this one did. This birthday dinner was so good! As I was leaving Margot's, I would have skipped happily to the car, but I just ate dinner.

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At 8/18/06, 2:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a recent American Airlines flight, I noticed that Margot's made the list in an article about fine dining in mid-sized cities!


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