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August 13, 2006

Kettles made of Copper

A few years ago, the Copper Kettle had a fire and shut its doors in the little David Lipscomb shopping center, for what I thought would be forever. There were promises that this eatery would re-open in 6 mo, 8 mo, 10 mo, 1 yr etc. As every month of time clicked on, I thought this place was a goner. During the time of renovation, The Copper Kettle opened in the old TGI Friday's (or was it a Ruby Tuesdays?) location at the Dead Mall in Bellevue. We made that 20 mile pilgrimage a few times, and it never felt quite right eating there in the mall. I really do not like malls, and even the Valley People Mall Rats (aka suburban mall makers) don't think much of malls either. The famed Galleria Mall completely shut its doors in the 1990s due to low shopper attendance, and you may know that mall from the fabulous 1983 movie "Valley Girl". Thank goodness the Copper Kettle is back in business at its orginal location, with all its comforting charm. So, we went on Sunday for brunch at the good ol' location on Granny White. There was a carving station of ham and beef tenderloin. The Tenderloin had mushroom sauce and horseradish if you care to put it on your beef.
There is a bread and donut station. C'mon dump the no carb diet, mmmmm! There are lots of hot items like eggs, sausage, potatos au gratin, and tons of other stuff. There is also grilled veggies, salads and fruits if you care for variety. There is also eggs benedict and bacon. Mmmm Bacon!
Here is my plate I made for myself. There are also a bunch of desserts too. It was delicious. I generally don' t do buffets, but I will go to this brunch buffet. Everything was fresh and yummy. Yay! Thank goodness we do not have to travel to the mall anymore! Thank you Copper Kettle for leaving the dark halls of the mall, and making your old home new again!


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