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July 5, 2006

I have a Rumour

Rumours Wine and Art Bar
2304 12th Ave. South
Nashville, TN


Rumours is a locally owned wine bar in the renewed 12 South neighborhood. Actually the owners of Rumours also own, or are part owners of 5 businesses with more on deck for 12th Ave South. I really appreciate these folks for keeping the architecture of the area, while sprucing up the facades, to make a rather hip urban area to walk around. Rumours has been a place were people like me can just go for an hour, kick back and relax with some wine, munch on some cheese and white bean hummus, and feel like I was just at an old friends house.

When Christy and Whitney first opened the wine bar, they claimed they did not know a whole lot about wine, but as days, weeks and months go by, their wine list has grown to house a lot of wines from every corner of the earth that grows grapes. The last time I was there, I got a fun sparkling Pinot Grigio, which had a sparkly bubble-action on the tongue with a nice light fruity flavor. It is kind of a strange wine because it is not sour like a cheap California sparkling wine, and it is not bready like some champagnes. There are so many wines by the glass, that I could go back time and again. The food is what you might expect from a rustic wine bar. There is the classic cheese and fruit plate, crackers and spreads like roasted red pepper or white bean hummus, salads, pasta of the day, some items with crab that changes daily, and a few other things that I have not tried yet. The cheeses at Rumours are great because the owners have a stake in the Italian Market and Cheese Shop right down the street. There is a year aged Manchego that is nutty with a bite to the teeth that makes me feel so pampered every time I take a taste.
The fun part about this place is that you can grab a glass and walk next door to create art. The Art House Nashville is good for looking at local artists art or creating your own pottery, mosaic, jewelry, painting, prints or whatever floats your boat. What a great concept, paint a picture while discovering a new grape!

One Friday evening, I went to the Art House to the "Better than a Bar" art time, I painted a mug. It is always better to paint a mug with a little vino and cheese! Make note of my mug and my photographic-esque painting of Kitty, the house cat. For those of you who know Kitty, can you see how lifelike I made this picture? ha ha ha ha!


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