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June 25, 2006

more than just a House of Kabob

House of Kabob
216 Thompson Lane
Nashville, TN
At one time, about 5 years ago, the House of Kabob had a little lunch shop in the Historic Arcade of downtown Nashville. My friends and I would enjoy planning to meet there every month for lunch, we would spend joyous time emailing and talking about House of Kabob for days and weeks before our lunch meeting. We would build up the momentum of giddy antipation to the day of our lunch. We would get there at 11 am sharp as to make sure we got in before they would run out of food, we all would order the flavorful lamb shank, slow roasted to Middle Eastern scrumptiousness, and ask the shop owners to add some of the lamb pan gravy to our rice. We would all sit there, not saying much excepts for smiling through saying "Ahhhh, Yummm!" and maybe trying to tell each other recipes that could not come close to how lovely our lunch was. When House of Kabob shut their doors downtown, we felt like we just did not have a real good reason to meet every month for lunch, so now we sporadically meet at other places, but it is not the same as our monthly meeting at our favorite lunch spot. Lucky for us, there is the original House of Kabob located on Thompson Lane and Foster , about a mile east of 100 Oaks Mall (on Woodmont Ave which changes names to Thompson Ln).
The original House of Kabob is one of the most mature Middle Eastern restaurants in Nashville, and is the best in my opinion. I usually get the lamb shank (still trying to relive my famous lunches downtown), kubideh, red rice and sharazi salad. The lamb shank is braised with spices including sweet paprika and cumin and other lovely spices to make a deeply flavorful piece of meat. The kubideh is hand kneaded for about 20 minutes with onions and spices to tenderizer before it is refrigerated. The kubideh is cooked over an open fire to give it a nice grilled flavor. There are vegetarian options like babaganush and hummus. There are other meat options like salmon, chicken, and beef kabobs.
Most every entree is under $12, and really there is enough for 2 meals on each plate. The restaurant is friendly to families, and there are tables that can accomodate parties of 6 and 8. If you want to try some really good flame cooked kabobs at a nice Middle Eastern restaurant, try House of Kabob.


At 6/26/06, 10:00 PM, Blogger LPM said...

Thanks for the tip. We don't eat Middle Eastern often, but this sounds like it is worth a visit.



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