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July 31, 2006

Toss it into a Pan

My neighbors dabble in the art of gardening, and I try too. A few weeks ago, one neighbor gave me some homegrown onions, another neighbor left some tomatoes on my back porch today, and I try to grow Italian herbs in my backyard. The herbs seedlings I got are from the
Gardens of Babylon
the Farmers Market on
8th Ave N.
Matt and Mark own this mostly organic garden store, and I have gotten all my plants and organic fertilizer from them. These boys are just so nice and earnest. If ever I have a chance to have sons, these two boys would be whom I hope to have. Well, maybe shorter than Mark and Matt because I am a bit height challenged. Anyway, I got my oregano, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (isn’t that a song?) seedlings from them, and these organic plants are the hardiest plants I have ever seen! I love these boys, and I am a complete convert to organic plant purchasing and growing from their garden store!
I went to the Amish Farmer’s Market today, which is in the Radio Shack & August Moon parking lot in Green Hills, and found some Japanese eggplant, summer squash, hot peppers, and green peppers. As I was purchasing my lovely veggies, the lady at the register said that if I came on the weekend, there would be Amish Fried Pies and Amish Bread, and on Fridays the Amish farmers bring freshly picked veggies. I looked around, no pies and no bread, and low supplies on veggies. Note to self, I must try an Amish pie soon, block out Saturday for Pie tasting.

I also ventured a look at a few months ago, and they had a special deal for one week to put orders into Parma Sausage in Pittsburgh, PA to mail order Italian Sausage. I was too late for the deal, and I long for Parma Sausage, as I have found them to be the best at domestically made sopressata and hot Italian Sausage. One trip to Pittsburgh, I brought a cooler with me to bring back cheese from the Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. and sopressata from Parma Sausage Co. Being no where close to Pittsburgh, PA, I went to the next best place in town that I could think of, and I went to get hot sausage from
The Italian Market
411 51st Ave. N.

With absolutely no direction with all these fresh ingredients, I did what a one-pan wonder would do. I diced up all the ingredients, tossed ‘em into the pan, added some garlic, red wine and tomato paste, and let it become what it is. I did cook up some corkscrew pasta to toss that in later. Not too shabby for a toss together meal. I rarely cook with recipes, and when meals come out well, I may not be able to duplicate. This one came out well, and I hope to duplicate some day. Wish me luck!


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