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August 19, 2006

Dining Concepts better in theory

I want to keep my blog mostly about where I eat, but every once in a while there are things that are too good to pass up. Here is a concept, for a minimum of 8,650E you can have yourself and 21 of your friends strapped into chairs, then hoisted up above the roof tops in open air seating. If you want necessary parts of a dinner party like beverages, food, staff, power, light etc. those are add-ons. The dining event is called Dinner in the Sky, and for some reason I think that it is cooler in concept than in it is in reality. It looks like dinner guests get strapped in to a chair similarly to a carnival roller coaster ride. The whole table assembled gets hoisted up, chefs are standing in the middle of the table to be able to serve dinner, and the dinner begins. What happens when a guest drops a fork or napkin? Look out below! What happens if one guest has to use the bathroom? What happens if a guest gets sick to their stomach from the constant swaying in air, and has to hurl overboard? What happens if a guest spills a glass of wine? What happens if a guest really wants to get up and walk away from the neighbor guest? It appears this concept is only in Europe, and when will be come the next Mc-Mega-Chain restaurant shtick in the USA?


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