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September 16, 2006

Back on the blueberry thing

I am back on the blueberry kick. I have been lucky this year that I got to put my hand picked organic blueberries up in my freezer, and I can thaw them and make things with them. I have also not thawed them and ate a few like mini-popsicles, which is highly recommended as a treat.
During one of my trips, in early August, to the blueberry patch, I saw a nest and an egg in the middle of a blueberry bush. I only had my cell phone camera that day, so I took a picture, and then moved on quickly as to allow the bird to come back and tend to its egg. The reason why I did not post this photo earlier is because I did not know how to download photos from my phone. As I am older that a high school kid, as a matter of fact am old enough to have kids that age, so I have no idea how portable electronics work, especially camera phones. Well, with time on the phone with the phone company to help me through the download process (I am sure the phone company was laughing at my ineptness), I downloaded the photo and was able to post it on my blog. Don't ask me to do download again, I could not tell you how. During my clueless download process, I totally had an epiphany about my grandmother and her remote control TV. In the 1980s, we gave her a remote control TV, of which she would get up and press the buttons to change the channel, despite the remote. This went on for 20 years+. I never knew why she never used the remote, even with repeated coaching from mom, uncle, us. It is for the same reason why I don't download pictures from my camera phone.

Anyway, back to the blueberries. I thawed out about 1 1/2 cups of blueberries, and made oatmeal, wheat germ, blueberry muffins. They were packed with blueberries. I loved these high fiber gems! I fed them to Matt. I fed them to his family too! I was so happy to be able to sneak in whole food goodness into a muffin treat, and get no opposition to the health food! Now, how can I sneak in tofu and kale in a dish that looks and taste like a hamburger or alfredo sauce?


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