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October 5, 2006

Rubbing the wrong way

So, it seems that there are quite a few signs in Manhattan that advertise various things. Outside of each deli/convenience store, there are signs advertising coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit, cigarettes, beer, etc. There are lots of signs for sale items in retail stores. Most every store or shop has a sign hanging outside of their establishment, letting people know that they are there.
Then there are these signs all over lower Manhattan. For whatever it is worth, Matt finds the words "back rub" funny, and massage not. He found the above one funny because it makes it clear that this is an equal opportunity back rub joint for both men and women.Here is other sign.

And another. I stopped taking pictures after walking from Grand to East Village, as I had to reserve other blank megapix for other things. But believe me, I could have filled my camera full of photos on just this one theme.


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