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February 4, 2007

Good Times Marche's In

the special board (but all food here is special!)

Welcome Margot's second venture! Really WELCOME! Where have you been all my life?! This is as close to a French country bisto while still being in Nashville! Everything about this place is excellent: excellent ingredients, excellent prepartion, excellent beverages, excellent rustic cabinets, excellent marble top bistro tables, excellent bistro chairs and excellent Margot chef/owner.

My trip started with sitting at this lovely bistro table next to a very bright sunny window. On Sunday, there brunch menu includes quiche, omeletes, crepes, steel cut oatmeal, bacon, eggs, fruit, cheese, breads with a variety of spreads, salads, soup and a wide variety of beverages from espresso to wine. The lunch menu includes salads, cheese plates, soup, sandwiches, etc that you would hope to find in a French bistro.

When I was at Marche's for lunch, I opted for a simple green salad lightly dressed, and a vegetable tartine. The tartine is an open faced sandwich on a thick piece of tuscan bread that is lightly toasted, with wilted swiss chard, roasted fresh beets, melty goat cheese, walnuts and olive oil. This meal was so hearty, that I did not miss eating meat with my meal. I loved this sandwich! I was so inspired by Marche's, that I went to the store a bought beets, daikon, carrot, turnip, parsnip, yam, and an onion. I diced them up, tossed with excellent olive oil, salt, pepper, and thyme. I roasted these root veggies at 500 for about 25 minutes, turning once. Thanks Margot for reminding me about root veggies.

The desserts are simple and yummy. We got a lemon tart that was enough for 2 people. It was so good! It was lemony, and tart. I really liked it. I really think that I want to eat here a lot more often because the menu is inspiring for me to cook at home. The best part about Marche's is that they sell specialty ingredients, and have a meat counter with cured and fresh meats. The meat manager said that she would order anything that I would want, and get it in fresh for me at no extra cost. That is fantastic!

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