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January 26, 2007

Nassau Airport

So, this post is a little late, but I just want to show what we ate at the Nassau airport, and share what I think about the food there. You know how I feel about the Nashville airport food - it sucks. The Nashville airport food vendors know they have a captive audience and that when flyers get hungry enough, they will buy the crap and attempt to eat the crap at the Nashville airport. If the lay over or delay in the Nashville airport is long enough, I will buy the food, but I always feel burned about spending $10 on a water and some poorly cooked, under-cooked, not hot, un-seasoned, yuck-o texture, stinky, or lack of aroma. I rarely advocate for fast food, but man, I would eat at a McD's if the Nashville airport would allow that vendor in the building. I would walk from Terminal A to Z to get McD's over any of the vendors there now. Of all the fast food, that one has the tightest tolerances on quality control, and you know what you will be getting.
Sorry, I digressed.The point is that I wanted to blog about the Nassau airport food. It seems that the Nassau airport has its own version of airport food, and also holds the traveler as a captive audience. The meal that we got was the chicken plate with rice and coleslaw, and a side of hot fried wings. This was the best option in the the cafeteria line. The other food option was junk food like candy bars, chips, and rum cake at the little convenient store inside the airport. One think that I did notice about the food at the Nassau airport is that it wasn't necessarily kept at temperatures that our local health department would care to have the food at. Everything was about room temperature. I was a little nervous eating room temperature cole slaw and chicken, but I did not get sick, thus proving again that the USA restaurant health inspections may be a bit overboard, but do keep us safe. Even through the questionable food temperature and flies around the food table, the food at the Nassau airport was many times better than an in Nashville.


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