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November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Part 1

Thanksgiving, this is a USA tradition of having tons of food with family and friends, and it was solidified as a holiday during the USA Civil War and a declaration of President Lincoln. So, here we are 150 years later, with lots of stressed out people traveling on the Wednesday Nov 22, the heaviest travel day in the USA, and trying to get to somewhere via, trains, planes and automobiles.

We are no different this year. We were trying to get to the elder's homeland of Boston, 1200 miles away, so we started out bright and early on Wednesday November 22, and we got to the airport to wait. Smooth sailing as we started, arriving at the airport 2 hours before our flight (we did exactly as the airport authorities told us on the news the night before), the lines were not too bad, and we thought we were home free. 5 hour wait later, our plane still was in the hangar getting worked on due to computer failure. I don't know about you, but I am not partial to getting on a plane that has computer failure. We decided to cut our losses, go back to our home, and get a refund on our trip. Before we left the airport, they did give us food vouchers for $10 of terrible airport food. If you have been to the Nashville Airport, THE FOOD SUCKS! So, we ended up getting a couple cups of coffee, a banana and a rice crispy treat. See food above.

Wednesday November 22 saga continues. We happily drive away from the Nashville Airport on Wednesday November 22, after 6 hours of waiting around for nothing, and got caught in I-40 holiday traffic for an hour (5 miles to our exit). Ah, traveling for great American Holiday - there is nothing like it. I think we did great in recovering from a major fumble, and we drove straight to Joey's House of Pizza for a little Brooklyn Love. We got to Joey's at after 4 pm, about 7 hours after we started our fumbled journey, and this was the 1st real food we had all day! Just a note I love the original House of Pizza run by Manny in downtown Nashville, in the historic Arcade, but parking is a bit tight downtown.

What happened to our plane? We were supposed to connect with a flight in NYC. The plane did take off eventually, at 8:30 pm, nearly 12 HOURS LATER, and it arrived in NYC at 11:15 pm. The only catch is that the last connecting flight to Boston left at 10:58 pm. Yup, so do the math, we made the right decision. The next earliest time they could get us to Boston would have been Thursday at 4:20 pm. Doh!


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