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October 27, 2006

The Tap Room

12 South Taproom and Grill
2318 12th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37204

The weekend is tough to eat out in Nashville. It seems that everyone waits for Friday and Saturday to go out, and restaurants are fairly empty Tuesday through Thursday, and many restaurants are closed on Sunday. So, myself and friends were looking for a place to eat dinner around 9 pm after gallery hopping, so we were hungry and thirsty! What we found was that everywhere was packed! We found ourselves in the new "hip" area of 12th South and looking at a very long wait at Mirror, so we strayed acrossed the street into the 12 South Taproom. At any one time while in the 12 South Taproom, we were only one table of 2 or 3. I am not quite understanding why this place isn't more packed, besides being in a location that is "cursed". OK, so the location is not really cursed, but businesses never do well in the location. This place has plenty of parking, it is and open floor plan, there are 22 beers on tap, and there is one fresh rootbeer on tap as well. There are a couple of TVs with the latest game on, and there is table and bar seating to your liking. The two restaurant and bars flanking this place were rocking, and had no room for us, so that is how we ended up at the 12 South Taproom.The food was actually very good, and Inexpensive! Look at these simple, but tasty chicken tacos made with fresh tortillas. I like this lighter take on bar food tacos.

This is a half sized salad, and it was very fresh and tasty too. The salad came with a fresh made balsamic vinagrette, crumbled blue cheese, pecans and strawberries. The waitress told us that all salads are dinner sized, but all salads are available in half size and half price if it is too much. That is what I did, I got a half size salad that was a very good size.

Thes wings were great! They are not standard hot wings, rather they are baked and grilled. The sauces are a standard ranch dressing, and the lovely surprise sauce is an olive oil and herb sauce. The herbs are fresh, and was so tasty! It was nice to not have the traditional frozen hot wings that come from Sysco food distributors. I LOVE THESE WINGS!

I am really impressed with this place. I love the non-traditional bar food, and there are lighter options with a hint of our favorite bar food. I love all the beer and rootbeer on tap. I am still wondering why it is not as packed as I think it should be. Why is it that people are not flocking there for good beer and good food? Is it the curse on the location, or what?



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