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October 18, 2006

Above Ground in New York

New York is just a photographic city from all sides, from underground to above ground. There are interesting things to see all over the city. Here are a few pictures from a walk through SoHo, East Village and Greenwich Village.

Things sticking out of the front of a 3 story rowhome (brownstone, attached home, townhouse, or whatever word you want to use). I don't mean to make a deal of what to call this type of building because anyone who has ever lived in a big city knows what a townhouse or brownstone means. I was recently at a cocktail party, and someone was making fun of me for referring to a brownstone as a home, and she would not let it go. She kept on saying how stupid I was for referring to a rock, or a pebble as a house! Anyway, she obviously just crawled out from under a rock herself.

Yeah, people and their dogs in Manhattan.

These are cast iron figures of iron workers.

I noticed this sign saying Tennessee Mountain, the best place for ribs, in the middle of SoHo New York. Do you really think so? I think that I know where the best Tennessee ribs are really from: That would be Cozy Corner Memphis, Jack's BBQ Nashville, and my own back yard with Matt and his Texas sized smoker. Yup, these establishments and my home are in the fair state of Tennessee, not the city of New York. The reality is that there needs to be a lot of hard wood smoke all morning and afternoon to make a perfect Tennessee smoky rib, and I did not see any of that happening at TN Mountain in NY. People of New York think that their local Tennessee style rib joint is good, but that is because they never had the real deal. I invite all New Yorkers to try some real Tennessee BBQ at any time of the year. Come on down!

NOW, this is what New York is famous for. It is the pizza. I will admit that Tennessee is missing out on really great New York style pizza, and the only place you can get really good New York style pizza is in New York. We just walked up to a pizza kiosk - hole-in-the-wall, and got a great piece of pizza. Ah, now that is New York!


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