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October 22, 2006

Food at JFK

When we started our trip from Nashville, our BNA airport terminal food kiosk was a bit weak on the food. The hope was for a hot breakfast plate to enjoy at gate, but when we got to the counter, after 10 am, but before noon, there was not one drop of hot food to be had. The under-paid, could not care less, clerk said there is no food because it is not breakfast or lunch time, come back in an hour. In an hour, I was going to be a plane eating plane snacks. Needless to say, we were feeling a little burned, and a little hungry.

On our way back from New York, we flew out of JFK. We were in a temporary terminal with temporary food kiosks. Look at some of the pantry snacks being sold! Dried fruit, dried peas, bagel chips, Clif bars, Walker shortbread, Terra Chips, Cibo chocolate, Toblerone, Carr Crakers, Kavali flat bread, organic cereal, nuts of all kinds, baked potato chips, etc. In the cold case, there were lunch boxes made up with fresh fruit, micro green salad, lentils, tuna, and quinoa. Yes, QUINOA, one of my favorite side dish grains. Where can you get quinoa in Nashville? Definitely not at the airport!
Because we already ate a nice hot breakfast before leaving for JFK, we only wanted snacks.Here are some of our snacks.

Here is the rest of our snacks.

Here is the future terminal for Jetblue. It is the old TWA terminal.

Here is our plane, and we had to get on, if we wanted to get home.

OK, we are back. And I am ready to take another trip to New York. I just had a great time enjoying the spectacular autumn weather, seeing family and friends, seeing neat things to photograph, AND EATING really excellent food. Also, note to self, bring breakfast with me to BNA because terminal food is either bad or non-existent.


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