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November 4, 2006


A few years ago, a Friend bought a couple houses in New Orleans, LA. One was a single family house, and the second was a duplex. The idea was to be a landlord, have a NOLA friend manage the properties, and make some money off of rent. It never worked out very well, as these buildings were in the 9th Ward, in tough shape to begin with, an absent landlord possibly asking for too much rent, and no one really ever rented these places. Then, the worst thing possible happened - Katrina. Both buildings were totalled, and the duplex was completely lifted off the foundation, and then plopped down broken completely twisted and askew. The upswing is that the houses were empty and no one died in these buildings. The question Friend asked all along was, "Is it right to be a slumlord? Someone give me a sign!" Well, the biggest "sign" came in the form of Katrina, and Friend knew the answer to the question. Friend was one of the first people to get the buildings re-built, and they have been renting all three units non-stop since finishing the re-build. Because the NOLA Friend, who was managing the buildings, moved to Denver, my Friend sold both buildings this year. To celebrate the new good decision, Friend threw a Bye Bye NOLA party with their take on NOLA food.

The food was set up buffet style with shrimp, dirty rice, red beans, corn and other goodies.

Here is a big bowl of corn.

Here is a big bowl of red beans from Bro's.Shrimp. Probably farmed, so they are probably not from the Gulf of Mexico.


At 11/4/06, 9:47 PM, Blogger Chebbles' Mama said...

I should know better than to read your blog when I'm hungry. What a terrifically appropriate feast!

At 11/7/06, 5:48 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Chebbles' Mama - hee hee! I could reach right in right now and eat some shrimp!


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