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March 30, 2008

Seeing more

We did kid around, sort of, that we needed to have Brussel Sprouts, Belgian Waffles, and Belgian Frites while in Brussels. We did end up eating quite a few frites during our time in Brussels, and we did get a Belgian Waffle. We did not see any Brussel Sprouts, and I am pretty sure they were not in season yet. I also don't know if Brussel Sprouts are a thing in Brussels, or even if Brussel Sprouts are a common veggie in Brussels. For whatever it is worth, I like the taste and texture of Brussel Sprouts.

Belgian Waffle

On Saturday and Sunday, Brussels downtown came alive with all the stores open, and other street vendors that were not there mid-week, including waffle stands.

waffle stand
There were at least 4 waffle stands and a crepe shop along the few blocks it took us to walk to Central Station from our hotel. In Central Station, there is a waffle stand too. The waffle stands and shops just beckoned us to get one. It was exactly like you would think it would be - crunch on the outside, doughy and sweet. A good waffle. Next trip, we will try a chocolate covered waffle.

the arcade

This shopping arcade in Brussels seems to be quite popular. There are such lovely shops inside, with window displays that just catch the eye.

the florist's window

Inside the arcade was a florist withe he most beautiful rose petal display. I just could not take my eyes off of it. I was happy when I looked at the photo I took of the window because it the photo captured at least some of the beauty of the display. I think the display is stunning.

for our friend Paul

We stopped outside of the bakery Paul and wanted to take a photo of the bakery to take home to our friend Paul. Up until the time we were trying to set up the photo shoot, everyone seemed to be passing by the shop. When we took out the cameras, to prep the shot, lots of people stopped to see what we would be photographing. Confused at just seeing a normal bakery, people moved on except for this one woman in a red coat. She look and looked, took a quick look at us, and looked and looked inside even more. It was clear that we would have to take a photo of Paul with her in the photo. As we decided to move on, she decided to do the same.

little Fiat

The fabulous part about renting a car in Belgium, and driving around France is that we got a little car. The agency gave us a Ford Fiesta. Given that many cars in this part of Europe are the size of the little Fiat, the Ford Fiesta was a mammoth car in comparison. I am also sure that the Ford Fiesta was a gas guzzler compared to the other smaller cars on the road. It was easy to get used to the small cars, and it was a pleasure to be able to stand on the street, and be able to see over the car and see street signs. It was a bit of a shock getting back to the Nashville airport parking lot where my small car looked and felt huge, yet was dwarfed by the gigantic gas guzzling trucks, SUVs, and luxury cars parked near us.

the sculpture

We don't know what this wood sculpture is. Do you know? It caught my eye because I have never seen anything quite like it. It is wood sticks stuck together in a dream space ship wavy shape, and held up by tree trunks. The floor is gravel with some halogen lights pointing upwards. It was really cool looking. I tried to take a bunch of photos of it, but since it was quite dark out when I was there, this is the only photo where you could see the sculpture fairly well.



At 3/30/08, 3:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The waffle looked yummy!

The lady was cute!

And, what a cute little car!

By the way, thanks for all the nashville links. We were there this weekend and found a house to rent in East Nashville!

At 3/31/08, 5:38 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Bon Voyage Nicole! I hope you have a very easy move to Nashville!

At 4/1/08, 2:22 PM, Blogger winedeb said...

I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying your trip! I have not been to Europe in over 10 years and I miss it sooo much! They really seem to like their window displays, like the florist! Too cool! Thank you so much for sharing!
Is it spring in Nashville yet?

At 4/6/08, 11:55 AM, Blogger Lannae said...

Thank you so much WineDeb! I am glad you are checking into my trip!


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