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August 21, 2008

The Boss

Just came back from seeing Bruce Springsteen (the best concert I have seen in recent history) at the Sommet Center, along with the other 15,000+ other middle aged people wanting to relive their 20s. Saw 2 middle aged men hi-fiving each other when Bruce started in on a song they wanted to hear ... they were yawning and it wasn't even 11 pm yet. My section actually sat through some of the show. We are definitely not 20 something anymore. Regardless, Bruce still has it going on.

Levy Restaurant
Sommet Center
501 Broadway
Nashville, TN
(615) 770-2407

I had a really relaxing, no hassle experience before the Bruce Springsteen concert. We parked up on 9th, just far enough away from any of the major parking, with a nice short stroll to the Sommet Center. We walked by the front entrance of the Sommet Center, and there were a ton of general admission people waiting for the doors to open on that humid day, so they could get the best standing space close to the stage. We walked up to the black awning on the 5th street side of the Sommet Center where no one was standing, and we walked in. We were greeted by a Sommet Center employee who showed us the way to the attended elevator to the Sommet Center Suite Level, and the Levy Restaurant. The Levy Restaurant is open at the Sommet Center for most events, including hockey and some of the music events like Bruce Springsteen. I don't have photos because the rule at big concerts is no camera.

The dining room is really nice, airy, open and clean. The bar is well stocked. The staff worked hard and are very nice. The dinner buffet included 6 tables to choose from: Asian, Mediterranean, Southern, meat and potatoes, cheese and dessert. At the meat and potatoes table there were bacon-garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, and braised short ribs which I liked a lot. The Mediterranean table had couscous with candied citrus and dried fruit which was delicious, grilled salmon in puff pastry also delicious, and a pear salad which had way too much dressing on it. The Southern table had shrimp and cheesy grits, and a ham carving station. The Asian table had chicken red curry which wasn't that good because it lacked the complex spice of a curry and the chicken was under cooked, and beef satay which was passable. Dessert was a bread pudding, a chocolate covered brownie bite, fruit on stick and a panna cotta. Since it is a buffet, the food I did not care for, I did not take, but the food I did like I went for seconds. It is tough to make volumes of buffet food and have it not be that "wedding banquet rubber chicken". There seemed to be the "rubber chicken" syndrome going on at the Asian table, but there were the other 5 tables to taste. I really thought the couscous, beef and potatoes, and shrimp and grits were tasty so I went back for more.

We leisurely strolled into the Levy Restaurant door, took a short ride in the elevator, had a leisurely dinner with some food that was worth blogging about, and had great bar service. Right before we were heading to our seats, the bar manager set us up with to-go cups, so we would not have to wait the lines downstairs. We leisurely strolled back to the elevator with drink in hand, and then waltz right to our seats. This no hassle lifestyle is what I am all about now. I guess since I am middled-aged, I have left my youthful concert going days behind me. I used to be that person getting to the venue 5 hours early to hang out with friends in the parking lot, maybe spend $3 of fast food, and then fight the masses to get the best standing space. All that is no more, I really like this new found middle-aged way of going to a concert in leisure.

This concert dining experience with good service and no hassles is on my list again as long as I can afford it. This convenience, no hassle, no line, no humidity, good dinner, good service, good bartender, a modest drink, tax and tip will run about $60 per person. Dinner with wine or champagne will of course cost more.


At 8/22/08, 9:18 AM, Anonymous mr. pink said...

Hell yes he does! This middle-aged man stood for the entire nearly 4-hour show, and it was marvelous even without Jack White chiming in on "Rosalita" (yes, he played "Rosalita!").

At 8/22/08, 9:41 AM, Blogger Lannae said...

Mr Pink, you are worthy, you middle-aged rocker you! The Boss still got it, and I can safely say Bruce Springsteen ROCKS!

At 8/25/08, 9:39 AM, Anonymous mr. pink said...

Idiot me: a co-worker pointed out that the dude I thought was Jack White was really Dave Bielanko of Marah. Which is even cooler, actually, given how much that band worships The Boss.


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