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August 25, 2008

Funland Local

the view

I am lucky enough to have work in Sandusky, OH. Sandusky is the best kept secret for family vacation. It is inexpensive to fly into Cleveland, it is a short drive to Sandusky, there is a lot of natural land, beaches along Lake Erie, family friendly restaurants, Cedar Point Amusement Park, local festivals and crafts to see, and other local attractions that would be fun for families. Sandusky also is in an area where I can eat really well from the local bounty.

corn at a farm stand

Along many of the side roads in and around Cleveland, there are farm stands in the driveway of family farms. There are peaches, plums, raspberries, corn, squash, tomatoes, variety of peppers and other locally grown veggies at these farms stands. On the way into Sandusky in Milan and Huron, there are farm stands that I bought veggies for the week. I got zucchini, corn, tomatoes, fresh banana peppers, peaches and plums and took it all back to my hotel room that has a microwave, fridge and coffee maker.

these bags work

I had no idea how I was going to make this food, but I went to the Target to help figure it out and buy a plate. When I got there, I was walking through the isles and saw the Zip and Steam bags, and I heard *ding ding ding* jackpot, this is how I am going to cook my veggies! Score. I usually don't use microwaves because I usually cook most of my food from scratch on the stove and oven, so I don' t know how to cook in microwaves. Luckily, the Zip and Steam bags have directions on them with the type of food being made. There was also an insert with recipes to cook in the Zip and Steam bag including making a chicken and veggie dish. Amazing. I am sold in this convenient technology. The Zip and Steam bag made my trip to Sandusky a healthier and tastier trip.

plate of local fruits and veggies

So, what I did for the week to feed my desire to have quality locally grown veggies in my diet, is that I had zip and steamed up corn and zucchini in separate bags. What I did not finish, I zipped up in the resealable Zip and Steam bag, and put in the fridge for the next day. I snagged a few salt and pepper packets from the Target food bar to season my veggies. For protein I went out to my favorite mom and pop chicken joint, and got takeout chicken to go with my veggies. At the Target, I got a $2 plastic reusable plate to eat with, and I took a plastic knife, fork and spoon from the hotel breakfast bar. I had peaches and plums for dessert, along with the locally made Toft's ice cream.

On Saturday, in downtown Sandusky, there is a 25+ year old farmer's market that I was waiting for. I got some black berries for breakfast, and I got 6 lbs of Avery, Ohio grown popcorn. I got only 1 bag last year, and the popcorn quality and flavor of this popcorn is far superior to any industrial made popcorn. Last year, that bag went quick. Last year, I popped this popcorn in a brown paper bag in my hotel room microwave, and brought the extra home to enjoy. This year, I am no dummy, and I bought 6 lbs of this golden goodness. I risked the volume in my luggage, and I indeed got stopped by TSA going through airport security because of the strange shapes seen in the X-ray machine. When the TSA officer opened the bag, she was just laughing at the volume of popcorn in my bag, and then she sent me on my way.

In closing, even on travel, it is possible to eat deliciously and eat locally.



At 8/26/08, 6:21 AM, Blogger Meredith said...

I think your idea of the zip and steam hotel cooking is brilliant!

It's the fresh vegetables that always go lacking during travel, even when you eat at restaurants.

Great tip!

At 8/26/08, 2:37 PM, Blogger katiez said...

Wow! What a great idea... And all that gorgeous sweet corn! No sweet corn for us this year. I didn't get my garden in and the French (and Spanish) don't eat it...Pig food!
BTW... I can see your whole banner! (I never used to)!!!

At 8/26/08, 3:12 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Hi Meredith, since you are about frugal living, eating in at least one night in a hotel room can save money. I also got that fully cooked resealable bag of uncle ben's rice to go with the chicken and fresh veggies. There is one more tip that you might want to know: I cooked local eggs (medium soft boiled) in the coffee maker while I showered and got ready in the morning. I put a couple eggs in the coffee maker, poured water into it the machine and let the hot water bathe the eggs. 20 minutes later, I chipped off the top and dug into a perfect medium/soft boiled egg.

Hi KZ, I had no idea that the French and Spanish don't eat corn. But then again, while on my 12 day vacation in France, I did not miss corn because the rest of the food was SO GOOD! I do have one thing to say to the Spaniards and French, you don't know what you are missing by giving away the golden goodness to the pigs!

At 8/27/08, 5:31 AM, Blogger Brigitte said...

hello, thanks for your visit on my Cafecreole :-)
We are moving to Nice France after 4 years in french guiana, it's sad, so sad.....hopefully my bloging friends are waiting for us
i love corn too, difficult to find in guiana.

At 8/27/08, 11:07 AM, Blogger Lannae said...

Bon Voyage mon amie. I am sorry you have to leave such a beauiful place for the city in France. I hope your travels are smooth and easy.

At 9/22/08, 4:58 AM, Anonymous Nadia said...

A tastier trip.... sounds nice.


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