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February 23, 2012

Symon Says Burger

Update: On Feb 24, 2012 Michael Symon, for the 3rd time in a row, wins the South Beach Wine and Food Festival's Amstel Lite Burger Bash. Judges like Michael Symon's pork burger the best of all the entries. I admit, Michael Symon does make a good burger.


It is pretty obvious Michael Symon, Iron Chef America, wants to have a nationwide chain of burger joints serving local ground beef, locally made buns, shakes, fries and onion rings, so he started B Spot. B Spot had some starts and stops, opening in wrong locations, but now there are 3 locations and the Q in the Cleveland area. We went to the newest location in Westlake. The interior is predictable, the room is lined with some wood giving a country barn like feel, the tables offer a feel of a country diner, and adornments is going for an old timey look even though the B Spot is in a strip mall. The food is al a carte. I suggest that a table of 4 get only one serving of fries and/or onion rings for the table because it is a huge serving. There is a pickle bar that you serve yourself if you want pickles on your burger. On my trip, there were only 4 choices, dill pickle slices, pickled green tomato slices, banana pepper slices, and sweet pickles. The pickles looked like they were not house made, rather they looked like something I could buy off the shelf in a grocery store. The pickle bar was a pretty large bar (like a salad bar) that looked sad with 4 small crocks in it. I was hoping a bunch of pickled items like pickled okra, pickled onions, pickled garlic, etc, but no, it was just 4 ordinary pickle offerings. The other burger adornment is 6 different sauces available including BBQ, ketchup, mustard, steak sauce, to name a few.

cheddar bacon burger

We each got a burger and drink, and we shared one order of fried and one order of onion rings for the table. The burgers have a high fat content which makes for a juicy burger. It is a really good burger. The fries and onion rings were well made also. It was a really good burger meal which left me feeling a little grease covered. I suppose, if one is looking for low fat health food, one should not go to a burger joint with fatty beef, deep fried foods and milkshakes. I can see the appeal for Iron Chef fans to go to a B Spot and feel like they got a taste of Michael Symon's culinary vision and work. I am a Michael Symon fan, and I wanted to go to the B Spot because it is an accessible concept and price point for a meal while I am on vacation.

For me, it was fun going to Michael Symon's B Spot once. If ever it catches on as franchised chain and makes it to Nashville, I will likely go once for the experience, but probably not more than that. I will continue to go to locally owned places like Gabby's, Burger Up and Melrose for local ground beef burger and fries.

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At 2/24/12, 5:49 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Sounds like an interesting place. I am not big on real greasy food but that burger looks delicious!

At 2/28/12, 4:18 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Yeah, it was a good burger. Michael Symon knows how to make a good burger. There is a lot of fat in the burger, and that is probably what makes it a tasty burger. However, I did feel like I needed to do a raw food vegan cleansing diet after this burger.


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