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March 9, 2012

R U Gonna Eat Your Tots?

duck fat tator tots

After watching Napoleon Dynamite, I renewed my interest in tator tots. The seen is that Napoleon asks Pedro if he is gonna eat his tots, and then Napoleon puts the tots in his cargo pants pocket for later. Then, in class, Napoleon pulls out a tot to snack on. Time after time watching Napoleon Dynamite, I want tots.

Luckily, there is the most uber rendition of tots available in Nashville, and that is at Merchants Bistro Bar at 4th and Broadway. These tots are deep fried in duck fat and served with a spicy mayo, a bearnaise and ketchup. These tots are available 7 days per week in the bistro. The perfect sauce for these tots are to mix a little spicy mayo with a little ketchup. Each order is a big heaping mound of these things, and is probably enough for 4 - 6 people. There are a lot of tots.

This is our pal Chris' suggestion for Merchants: get tickets for the Nashville Symphony. Get complimentary valet parking at Merchants. Go to Merchants for rocking drinks, share and order of tator tots, and everyone gets an entree. Finish dinner and go enjoy the Symphony. Come back to Merchants, and have another round of tots and a night cap before retrieving the car from the valet.

Now that is a good night.



At 4/26/12, 12:19 PM, Anonymous Jeff Mac said...

This made me hungry!

Reminds me of the fries at Marche Bacchus in Las Vegas. They flour them after they fry them the first time and then fry them again.

My cardiologist would not approve!


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