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January 27, 2013

A Lotta Lobsta

Twin Lobsters

When I lived in New England, we would just go to the waterfront, get lobsters from the lobster fishermen, and then go home and cook them up.  There was no middle man, no holding tanks, no bait and switch.  It was cheaper to eat lobster per pound than it was to eat a decent cut of beef.  Going to the grocery store there were lobster tanks, and my mom would have nothing to do with those lobsters.  She said that you don' t know how long the lobsters are in there, they are not being fed or cared for, you don't know when the water was changed if ever, you don't know if they ever clean the tank, and you don't know what kind of parasites live in the water.   When I first moved to Nashville (before the internet is what it is and before smart phones), I remember seeing one grocery store with a lobster tank.  The water was yellowish-brown, I did not know the conditions of lobster shipping to the store, I did not know how long the lobsters were in the tank, I am sure the kid behind the counter did not know how to care for the lobsters, and what parasites live with those critters.  I was so wanting a lobster flavor and texture, and against better judgement, I bought one.  It wasn't the best lobster I have ever had, and I remember grimacing a bit because I wasn't sure if I was going to poison myself with grocery store tank filth and parasites.  I did not buy another lobster in the state of TN for a decade.


That was then and this is now.  Now we have the internet, you can search and research lobsters suppliers, you can even search and order on little handheld machines.  Lobsters can be part of my dining life again.

Some friends of our who live here, also from New England, have parents who found this great Maine lobster delivery company, and sends a lobster dinner to their kid for his birthday every year.  He, like me, grew up in a lobster tradition, and he too likes the taste of lobster every once in a while.  A few years ago, our friends invited us over for a lobster dinner and it was so good, it tasted just like how it was when I lived in New England.

I enjoyed the dinner so much that I asked for all the details, and if we could make this a yearly tradition.    Our pals parents trust Maine Lobster Direct ( and shipping is included in the price of the purchase.

Lobster meat in home churned butter

Now, we try to get a lobster dinner for the four of us about once per year.  Right now, market price through Maine Lobster Direct is about $140 for four HUGE large lobsters and a quart of clam chowder, and the price includes next day shipping.  This is actually too much food for the 4 of us, so we can enjoy the lobster over 2 days.  The gig is, order by 5 pm Eastern, and the lobsters will be FedExed to your door around 10 am local time.  It is almost as good as going to the docks myself, except that I don't have to buy an airline round trip ticket, get a cab to and from the dock, send the lobsters through XRay, get felt up by TSA, pay for BNA parking, and drive home.  It would take me longer and cost way more to go pick up the lobsters myself.  

It is just so nice to have our lobster tradition.  Of course, I have to add my locavore stint to every meal made at home, so I hand churn my own butter to dip the lobster in.  I use JD Milk Cream and Hatcher Dairy Cream and make butter.  Butter is super easy to make, and if you don't have your own churn, you can use a food processor to make butter.

Lobster Finger Puppet
Yes, lobster finger puppet was there to watch up devour lobsters.  He always has a smile on his face, and was smiling while we dined.


At 1/28/13, 4:19 AM, Blogger hanna said...

I really love lobster, it is one of my favorite seafood because I have a zinc deficiency symptoms. I even love it when it is cooked in butter and cheese. It is so delicious.

At 1/30/13, 9:02 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh this really does look delicious!


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