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April 22, 2007

Sites in Sight

Here are some things that I saw in Las Vegas.

A Holiday Motel, not an Inn, but has the same shape sign as the original Holiday Inn.

The Colorguard getting ready to present the flag at a local awards ceremony.

Do I really have to write a line about this colorful fellow?

Do I have to write a line about this colorful woman?

The world's largest gift shop? Maybe. Who knew there could be so much junk made in China and then shipped so far to be sold for $10 or less?

The Stratosphere, once the tallest amazing tower that looked down on the old Las Vegas Strip. Now, it is just another tower needle that is dwarfed by the mega-hotels down on the lower Strip.
Paris? No, Las Vegas.

The view.

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At 4/26/07, 12:18 AM, Blogger Erica Kain said...

Wow, that last photo is really great! I hope you got to enjoy some Bellagio fountain action while you were up there!

At 4/27/07, 12:54 AM, Blogger sher said...

I love going to Vegas--and I haven't been there in quite a while!

At 4/29/07, 12:37 AM, Blogger burekaboy — said...

hey lannae. lucky you! i was supposed to go to vegas a few years back on a road trip when i was in los angeles but the roads got all washed out in some freaky storm at the time of the year i was there. hopefully, i will get there one of these days. looks like you had a good time seeing all those sites.

At 4/29/07, 8:13 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi CM - The view from the window was really great, and I could not believe it!

Sher - I like going to Vegas too. The Strip is changing all the time. The last time I was there was in 2001, and it looks completely different today.

Hey BB - That sound really freaky with the storm! As they say in L.A., when it rains it pours. I hope you get there someday. For the photo, LV has something going on that is photogenic on every block, and I just could not catch all the photo ops.


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