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April 14, 2007

Best Buffet on the Strip

The Aladdin Hotel and Casino has a buffet that was voted #1 buffet in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Review Journal. Not the tourist, not media, but a poll of Las Vegas residents who read the Review Journal. As a matter of fact, there were local Las Vegas people in front of us in line, who always bring out of town guests to this buffet, to show off the best Buffet in Las Vegas. I would have to agree with the poll because there was a great variety of food, 8 stations that represent 8 regions of the world, the food was fresh, the recipes were tasty, and the restaurant was roomy.

As everyone knows, I love food, but the older I get, the less calories I need to eat to maintain my weight. Heading into the #1 buffet in Las Vegas was a little scary for me, thinking that I would dive into heart-unhealthy, fat ladened food. To the contrary, I ate very healthy here! There were lush fresh fruit to choose from. I love pineapple, and here is what the pineapple looked like. It was ripe, juicy and sweet. I loaded that on my plate!

At the Mediterranean station, there were olives, feta, taboulli, babaganoush, hummus, fresh grilled lamb and chicken, and other yummies. There was a fish station with bake sole with spinach, shrimp, mixed seafood stir-fry, sushi rolls, and smoked salmon. There was an Asian station with select dim sum, teriyaki, and fried rice. There was a Mid and South American station with fresh salsas, salads, tortillas and taco ingredients. There was the European station with pasta, ravioli and grilled veggies. Of course there was the American-USA station with mac & cheese, and other stuff, but I got stopped by the mac & cheese because I love mac & cheese.

Here is my plate. I feel it was fairly healthy with smoked salmon, a couple shrimp, grilled asparagus and eggplant, one tiny scoop of white cheddar mac & cheese, pineapple and a Chinese pork bun. Everything was really good, except the pork bun, which I did not eat.

Then, there was the dessert case. I hate wasting food, so I debated on whether to eat dessert or not. Well, I decided to take one bite and be happy with that. I opted for a chocolate cheesecake, and here it is. It was REALLY GOOD! Yes, I only had one bite that I really enjoyed a lot. The next morning, I was kicking myself because I was in Las Vegas, I might as well have indulged because it is Las Vegas, the "Land of Excess". I should have eaten the whole piece of cheesecake. I should have! The next day, I opted to eat dessert to try to make up for not eating the delicious chocolate cheesecake. All the 2nd place had was chocolate cake in the chocolate department, s I ate the cake. It was not the same as the creamy dense goodness of the chocolate cheesecake, and I actually do not like cake that much. So here I am, still thinking about the delicious chocolate cheesecake I had at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino Buffet. Take my advise people, if you go there, and they have chocolate cheesecake, and you like chocolate cheesecake, JUST EAT IT! It is very tasty good!

The lights at the entrance to the Aladdin

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