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December 31, 2007

Absolutely Fabulous Darling!

the Manhattans

After a fabulous dinner at Nemo, one in our party asked if we would like a nightcap before heading to our hotels. Why YES! His question was, "Do you just want a drink, or do you want to be fabulous while having a drink?" Is there any other answer besides being fabulous? We then headed off to the Delano Resort Hotel on 16th and Collins.

the porch

When we got there, we were met with a marble floor porch with fabulous eclectic seating. Hey Bubba, this porch couch takes furniture on the front stoop to a new level.

the foyer

We entered the foyer, and it was a long hallway with floor to ceiling white billowy curtains that brought a new fabulous seating surprise at every turn. I thought I was fabulous sitting in each chair.

the pool

Then, we emerged through the long hallway of fabulous seating, dining and drinking, to the fabulous pool.

the Roman-esque lounging

The fabulous pool is lined with fabulous pool beds to lounge on while having the fabulous waitstaff bring beautiful and fabulous drinks.

the chaise lounge

On our way out of our fabulous time drinking fabulous drinks, and fabulously lounging by the fabulous pool, we came across the longest fabulous chaise lounge. It was a nice stop over before heading out the the door.

the golden chair

There was the fabulous golden chair to sit in if the fabulous longest chaise lounge was not going to be enough of fabulous.

the big bench

And there was the fabulous really big bench too, next to the fabulous phone to call the cab to take us back to the less than fabulous inn we were staying in.

the fabulous palm trees



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