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May 8, 2010

Bring Coffee, Easy Food, Water

Tomorrow, and during the week, bring an urn of coffee, cups, sugar and creamer to flood relief work areas such as Antioch, Bordeaux, and Bellevue! You can do it! I know you can! Bring easy food like sandwiches, hot dogs, sausage muffins etc too. Bring apples. Bring water. I appreciate those things so very much!

I helped my neighbors today drag carpet, bag up things to trash, breakout dry wall that was very wet. What I noticed was that I could sure use a cup of coffee. Oh that would have been heaven! A simple cup of coffee. Tomorrow morning, I am heading back into the flooded areas with an urn of coffee. I drank water, I was thirsty, but coffee, oh that would have been a nice pick me up.

Also, a local church set up a tent shovels, brooms, tools which came in handy because all I had was a hammer. They also set up a table with hot dogs, chips and water at the end of the street. Oh, by 1 pm, I was so hungry and the 2 hot dog I ate tasted so good! Thank you for the food and water! I was refueled and ready to head back in to do more.

Update on my neighborhood: Here is the aftermath of the flood that came up 10 feet into my neighbors' homes, and the flood waters took away sheds and cars, and left everything soaked with silty water.
Things are stinking really badly. The mold and bacteria are making these piles stink. I am grateful that we have not had anymore rain since the 1000 yr flood.

Please, tomorrow and the next few weeks, take some coffee, water, and easy to eat foods to areas where flood relief work is happening. Workers are going to be really happy to have some coffee, water and food.


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