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October 29, 2011


I flew into Houston a couple months ago, and flew near some of the big fires engulfing Texas. One of the fires was so massive, I could not see the ground through the smoke for probably 100 miles. There was another one outside of Houston that made it hard to breathe while I was in NW Houston. There were smaller brush fires all over Texas that just burned on. I have never seen anything like the Texas fires ever before. Well, here are some lighter side photos from Texas.

the dog, waiting to be petted

the kid, waiting to ride the BMX course

the Chinese style pork belly

Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce on the side

braised pork belly with bitter melon


At 10/31/11, 12:42 PM, Blogger Pete said...

Hey Lannae,

That pork belly looks like the same dish I had at Hong Kong Street Food on Bellaire.

I miss the food in Houston.

At 10/31/11, 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lannae, the photo of the Chinese broccoli on your blog is my favorite...!

Not sure if it is considered a "hidden gem" because it seems to have become pretty popular, but a restaurant in Nashville that I would recommend is Miss Saigon located in the K&S Shopping Center on Charlotte Pike. The service is not great but the food makes up for it. My favorite dish there is the combination meat and seafood beef noodle soup (#23 I think). I order it every time I go. Have tried other things on the menu but keep coming back to the soup.

At 10/31/11, 3:59 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Pete, that is where the pork is from! How did you like HKSF? It is my family's favorite for home style food, pork and duck. They think it has a lot of Hong Kong style dishes, and it is a casual place to go.

At 10/31/11, 4:01 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Anon, I will have to try the soup! I have only gone to MS twice and have not tried the soup. In the coming year, I will go and try the #23

At 10/31/11, 4:20 PM, Blogger Pete said...


I loved the food. I was dining by myself since my coworker wasn't the most adventurous eater in the world. I only ordered the belly dished during my visit. I wish I could've ordered more, hopefully next time.

I also managed to visit Sichuan King for some really tasty food. I had the Chengdu style dumplings, mapo tofu, and the dan dan noodles. All of the dishes had the right amount of heat and the numbing effect from the peppercorns.

I ate a lot of banh mi sandwiches from Givral Vietnamese Café. They had the sandwich station setup similar to what you would see at Subway for example. You ordered up front and your food was ready in a matter of minutes. I wish Nashville could support something like that here.

At 11/1/11, 9:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want pork belly!


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