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July 7, 2013

Lotta Lobsta in Kittery

Steamers from the coast of ME
PSA - if you go to Warren's this month of July, get on Warren's website and get yourself a coupon for $10 off $30 or more mid-week, and $5 off $25 or more on the weekends.  You can take up to 3 coupons per table.  Now that is a good deal.  After a long day of shopping the outlets in Kittery, Warren's is a welcome R&R restaurant on the water.  Warren's is a nice Maine lobster "shack" restaurant.  The "Finest Sea Coast Salad Bar" comes with each meal.  I chuckled at those words until I saw the salad and soup bar, and it is really a great salad and soup bar.  There is every type of salad green and every type of salad topping you could possibly want.  The soup bar was also nice.  On this day it was house made pea soup which I adore.  I love peas soup, and this one was nice with little chunks of peas.  The best part was house made pumpkin bread on a platter next to the pea soup.  It was just the right spice, sweet and moistness.  Besides the lobster, the pumpkin bread was the big hit of the evening.  And we lucked out with a really nice waitress.  She is a young lady who reminds me of my pet-sitter, who we adore.  Our waitress represented very well - the hard working salt-of-the-Earth nature of the people of Maine.

Lobster from the coast of ME
Kittery, ME is only an hour drive north on I-95 from Boston, and is the center of all outlet shopping needs.  Kittery is a good day trip from Boston if you want to do some factory outlet shopping.  Kittery outlets are really quite old, and the outlets supported and still supports the textile industry that used to be and still is located up and down the Massachusetts coast, Southern New Hampshire and Southern Maine.  Many Kittery factory outlets are truly factory outlets, and not like those new "factory malls" that have popped up everywhere in the USA.   

On this day, after we walked around all day long in Kittery, we sat down and used our smart phones to look up Yelp, Urbanspoon and Trip Advisor for a good lobster shack in the area.  This is different from the last time I was in Kittery because last time I was there, it was way before smart phones.  The last time I was in Kittery, I was with an old bf.  Before we went, his roommate at the time gave us the 411 on how to drive there, where to park, and where to eat.  This time around, we used our GPS on the smart phone to get there and back, and used the smart phone to look for a place to park, and a place to dine.  Anyway, after looking around these websites, Warren's Lobster House fulfilled our wants - lobster, clams, on the water, and fair prices.  

Warren's delivered my need for lobster and clams, and lobster and clams sourced locally.  The nice young lady waitress actually knew what Maine coastal towns the clams and lobsters came from, but I forget what she said now that I am home typing this blog post (CRS).  The clams were not sandy at all. I got them steamed, and and they were served correctly with clam broth to rinse the clams before I ate them.  The clams were cooked perfectly, so the clams were just opened.  It has been a long time since I ate clams so fresh and close to the source.  These clams were slightly sweet because of their freshness.   And the lobster was so good and also prepared and served correctly.  I asked for a female lobster because I do like the roe, and Warren's lobster cooks know how to do that.  Female lobsters have a wider tail and their first pinchers on the tail are flexible, where males are stiff.  The lobster came out perfectly steamed, not overly steamed.  The cooks did not pre-crack the lobster, which is the correct way to do it, so the moisture inside the shells keeps the meat warm and moist while I tackle the other parts of the lobster.  I love lobster, and I can't believe that lobster used to be "trash" food in the 1700s, when people ate lobsters only because they were desperate for food.  Now, people like me, seek to have lobster and consider it a delicacy.

This was a good day in Kittery, ME.  As we stepped out of Warren's and got into the car, it started to sprinkle rain.   We lucked out. We were walking in and out of buildings all day long, and it slightly overcast and a perfect New England summer day.  As we headed south back to Boston, the rain cleared up fairly quickly as the rain moved north and us south.  We were very happy with our day in Kittery, ME.

Warren's Lobster House on Urbanspoon


At 7/9/13, 6:38 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This place sounds awesome!

At 7/15/13, 7:52 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Alicia, it is awesome! Right on the water too!


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