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May 25, 2013

Little Coastal Towns

Seared scallops and scalloped potatoes
It was great to be back to the eastern coast along Georgia and South Carolina.  The last few times I was in Savannah, I was there only for work, and we were up to our eyeballs in work and we never saw the light of day.  I was also with co-workers who could not care less about decent food, and we just ate pizza and other fast food.  This trip was different, sans those co-workers, I went driving up add down a small part of the South Carolina and Georgia coast from  Jessup to Port Royal with Savannah and Hilton Head in between.

We found ourselves in the Old Town Bluffton, SC, with no signs of fast food, or chain restaurants.  We saw art galleries, cute shops, and lots seafood and wine bars.  We opted for a chef owned restaurant May River Grill.  We walked in, and the kitchen was open with a chef's bar.  There were nice table cloths and cloth napkins.  It was  so refreshing to step inside to have  a freshly made seafood meal.  For me, I was thrilled because May River Grill tries to use local seafood where it can.  So I started with an order of steamed clams in a wine, garlic, basil and tomato broth.  The clams came from the May River just south of town.  I love getting locally sourced ingredients where ever I go.  The clams were excellent, and we just enjoyed the broth so much.  Then for my entree I got the seared scallops in meurniere sauce with scalloped potato casserole.  The scallops were not overly seasoned, just the way I like them, so their flavor can come through.  The meurniere sauce is just simply browned butter, lemon and flour, and it was delicious.

There are so many little towns up and down the the South Carolina and Georgia coast, that I need to make more money and go back again and again and visit them all.


At 5/26/13, 3:57 PM, Anonymous Shana said...

I am starting my own food/travel adventure and will be heading to my in-laws in Pawley's Island, SC. I'd love some advice from you as I begin my culinary adventure. Please check me out at I'm just beginning so bear with me:)
Thank you in advance for your help & support


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