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March 10, 2013

Southwest in Winter


oyster po' boy
I have been traveling around the southwest of the USA this winter from CA to TX to see what I can see, and to see family and friends for various reasons.  I was close to Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico throughout the winter which means I get to have really great Gulf seafood.  Landing in Texas in time for lunch, I grabbed my car and and drove to Goode's Seafood to get some Gulf oysters straight from the Gulf.  Living in TN, landlocked by 7 states, it is not easy to get good seafood prepared well.  When I travel I always try to take advantage of what is local.  And Goode's is as good as it gets.

Gulf (of Mexico) oysters
This day, I drove and picked up long-time pal for lunch.  Houston is really spread out, so going 7 miles from her house is "close by".  Goode's started out as a small family owned TX bbq biz and has been around Houston for 35 years.  In those years, Goode's expanded to a handful of locations specializing in TX bbq and Gulf seafood.  We went off to the Original Goode Seafood which is in a boxcar diner with the original chrome swirly barstools. Goode's Seafood is Zagat rated at 26/30 with the grilled seafood, gumbo, shrimp cocktail and oysters.  26 is a really good rating I think.  

We ordered gumbo, an arrangement of oysters from 3 regions of the gulf, and oyster po' boys.  The standouts for me were the oysters and the po' boys.  I forgot where the 2 TX oysters came from, and the other one is Apalachicola.  The Apalachicola oysters were the biggest and meatiest oysters with nice sea flavor, and I enjoy them greatly.  The other two, one was more minerally, and other was the most mild and sweet.  I wish I knew what the mild and sweet one was because it was my favorite.  And the oyster po' boy was outstanding.  The bread was right, the same bread as you would get in New Orleans.  The bread was light on the inside with a nice crispy thin crust on the outside to give the crunch your teeth wants.  The oysters were fresh oysters dipped in a cornmeal crust as I ordered them. These oysters in the po' boy were obviously made really fresh to order, they were NOT frozen, nor made by a food distributor.    I really enjoyed the sandwich which is impossible to find the right combination here in Nashville.

It was a nice lunch to catch up with my friend.  As I left her to go on to see family, I said I wasn't going to miss my pal too long.  She planned on coming to Nashville the very next week!  So when she was in Nashville, we went to Midtown Cafe for dinner one night.


At 3/11/13, 11:57 AM, Anonymous Lesley Eats said...

Those raw oysters look fantastic. One of the very few things I miss since becoming a vegetarian. :)

At 3/11/13, 6:51 PM, Blogger Debbie said...

I don't remember exactly which was which of the other two oysters, but the smallest ones were from Galveston Bay.

At 3/21/13, 4:38 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Wow you have been really busy! How awesome to be checking out the Southwest. Looks like you have been finding some awesome food!!


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