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May 19, 2013

Travel Eating

Charlotte NC Airport
Domestic airport food is kind of bad.  The choices are usually fast food burgers/fries, deep fried, bad bbq, wilty salads, or soggy sandwiches.  I have been traveling a lot lately with layovers in domestic airports, and I have been smirking at the terrible offerings, and lack of care that the airport food comes in.  But, refreshingly Charlotte, NC Airport has one food offering that made me really happy - Sushi!

The sushi bar and restaurant is right in the middle of the grand walkway outside of Terminal A and B in Charlotte.  The tables are nice, the bar is nice, service is fast, and the plates are pretty.  If that is not all, the food is not fatty, deep fried, or ready to give a heart attack.  The plate was made with some care, and the waitstaff was really nice to me.  It was so opposite of the current normal airport food experience with pissed off workers just slapping food on a tray.  This lovely plate of sushi did cost $18, about twice as much as a burger, fries and a soda, but I felt twice as healthy and not weighed down.  This meal made me so happy.


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