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April 28, 2013

Virginia is for Lovers of Crab

Best Corn Muffins
The spring week we decided to go to Norfolk and Virginia Beach was really bright and sunny, but also really cold with a stiff ocean breeze.  It has been a while since I have been in Virginia Beach, and I really enjoyed it this time around more than the last.  Last time, I was just out of college, didn't have a lot of money, and was trying to do Virginia Beach on a $0 budget.  This time around, I have some extra money, and actually ate at real restaurants with real good seafood.

Best Lump Crab
We went to Croakers in Virginia Beach for dinner.  It is averagely price for me right now, but when I was fresh out of undergrad, I probably wouldn't go here because it cost to much.  It is so much better to be me now with respect to dining out and having disposable income for a nice dinner.  Croakers was probably the best dinner we had in Virginia Beach.  We got popcorn shrimp, raw oysters, she crab soup, shrimp salad, baked crab, and the fish special.  Dinner came with a potato, side salad and corn muffin.  Those who know me well enough, know I don't like corn muffins, hushpuppies, nor most any corn bread.  I was quite surprised and taken aback by how good the corn muffins are at Croakers.  The muffin is slightly sweet, moist and corny, everything you want in a muffin.  The muffin was so good, I asked for a second one.  This is how good these corn muffins are, I asked for a second one.  The popcorn shrimp was terrific with a very light breading on the outside, and and big pieces of shrimp on the inside.  We also liked the house made salad dressing quite a bit.  The waiter said that the dressing is a Lebanese olive oil, citrus and mint salad dressing, with a toucho of garlic.  This salad dressing is some of the best salad dressing I have ever had.  Oh, and my entree I opted for was a simple baked crab meat dish lightly sprinkled with Old Bay and parsley.  The crab was fresh, sweet, and perfect.  I would go eat this again and again and again if I lived there.  I would be there every week.  I would be a regular for sure.

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This looks so good. We have never been to Virgina Beach but would love to go!


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