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June 15, 2013


special country pate
Bottom Line Up Front:  If you want to go to Rolf and Daughters, it is best to go mid-week like Tuesday or Wednesday.  There is no wait, the staff is less harried, and you can sit and enjoy the meal at your own pace.  The first time we went, we went on a Tuesday, and the place was only 1/3 full.  We had a "new" waitress.  She said she only worked at Rolf and Daughters for two weeks, and please bear with her.  She was awesome taking care of us.  We had all the drinks and refills we wanted.  She gave us a lot of good advice and descriptions of menu items we asked her about.  We ordered in confidence because of her help. While we dined, she quickly assessed where we were in our 1st course, and then she put in to fire our second course for perfect timing.  Then she came to check on us at the perfect time, and put in to fire our third and last course for perfect timing.  If only we could have this delightful young lady wait on us everyday, we would never cook again.  

The food we had was good. We got the pork ragu pasta, country pate, shaved Brussels sprouts and a steak.  As warned, the pasta plates are small-ish volume.  The pasta portion is small-ish, so that you can make a fuller rounded meal with sides and salads.  The small pasta portions are good for me.  If I eat too much pasta, there will be a battle in my GI tract later.  I also like small plates, so I can taste a variety of dishes at one time.  We really loved the  country pate (it is a special and not on the main menu).  This country pate was almost as good as the pate we had in Pommard, Burgundy.

special country pate bite

 The second time we went, it was a rainy Saturday with a party of 8, and with no reservation.  It is our mistake for no reservation.  We waited outside in the rain for over three hours to be seated at 10 pm, and we fully take responsibility for the wait, and we had a nice time chatting with each other for 3 hours.  Then things took a bad turn after we were seated. Our waiter (not the nice young lady from mid-week) was harried, was NOT on his game, and I just can't go into it because it just would not reflect well of Rolf and Daughters, when it was just this waiter who was causing many problems and issues for us.

Had we had the rainy Saturday's waiter first, we would never recommend this place to anyone.  But we had our 1st experience which was completely delicious, wonderful and lovely.  If you are planning on trying Rolf and Daughters, go mid-week. Rolf and Daughters is open 7 days, so go Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday with kitchen and staff are on top of their game, and can give every plate the loving care and detail that we experienced on Tuesday.

Well now that I told all of you to go mid-week, I am guessing Rolf and Daughters is going to crazy packed mid-week now.


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The food looks good. It is so nice that you find all of these cool places and then share them with us!


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