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March 10, 2012

My Oyster Stew

My Oyster Stew

Apalachicola oysters on the 1/2 shell

I took an oyster cooking class with Laura Wilson at the Grow Local Kitchen located in the main house at the Nashville Farmer's Market. Chris from the Louisiana Seafood Company, provided all the oysters for the class, and he spent the whole evening teaching shucking. I learned how to shuck oysters, make good dipping sauces for oysters, make really awesome oysters rockefeller, and oyster stew. I had oyster stew in Boston and it is very expensive in restaurants. Most of the time I had oyster stew in restaurants, it was way too salty or I never felt like it was worth it. I have never had oyster stew made fresh in front of me, and never by my favorite chef Laura Wilson. Let me tell you, fresh oyster stew is certainly worth it.

my oyster stew

My oyster stew ingredient list
Pint of fresh Apalachicola oyster with oyster liquor - Louisiana Seafood Co
2 egg yolks - Barefoot Farmer
Pint heavy cream - Hatcher Dairy
4 Tbs butter - JD Milk
1/2 white onion diced - Whole Foods
2 smallish carrots diced - Whole Foods
2 ribs celery diced - Whole Foods organic
handful of mushrooms diced - Whole Foods
1 potato diced - Barefoot Farmer
1 Tbs dry thyme - my organic garden
1 garlic clove minced - Barefoot Farmer
2 Tbs whole wheat flour - King Arthur organic
1/2 cup chardonnay - Matanzas Creek
salt and pepper
ground cumin

Combine cream and egg yolks in a bowl until smooth set aside
In stock pot over medium heat
Melt butter in the stock pot
add minced garlic and cumin and stir
add potato and cook for a couple minutes
add mire poix and mushrooms and stir
add thyme, salt and pepper
cook veggies until are slightly firmer than al dente
add the flour and stir until the lumps are gone
add chardonnay and cook off the alcohol
add the oyster liquor until slight bubbly
add the egg yolk cream mixture and stir
when there are simmer bubbles, add oysters and stir
salt and pepper to taste
when the small simmer bubbles return, serve


I love this oyster stew. It is so good!


At 3/12/12, 8:14 AM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh this looks so delicious. I have been behind on your posts because I have been having a real challenge with my blog.Looks like we have it back on track now. Those tater tots in your other post look great and that sauce to dip them in sounds awesome. I love it when these cool places are in the Nashville area. That way we can check them out.


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