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August 31, 2008


bartered goods

We participated in the Hungry Gnome Farm CSA this summer, and it was a great experience for us. We got about 1/2 bushel of produce each week, and many weeks the basket was overflowing. It was great when we were not traveling so much for work and other reasons. We barely went shopping for groceries during the weeks of June and early July. But, as the summer went on, we found ourselves having to travel for various obligations and we had to figure out what to do with the veggies in our weekly basket. We decided to give our extras to our neighbor. Our neighbors are really great cooks, party givers, and supporters of sustainable agriculture. They took the extra bounty with open arms and happy stomaches. The last week we took food over the the neighbors, our neighbors decided to share their bounty with us. They gave us a beautiful, sustainably and locally grown bunch of flowers that we enjoyed in 2 vases around the house. The flowers are available at the Snow Gallery on Dallas in the Belmont neighborhood on Wednesday evenings and all day Thursday. They are just beautiful and a feast for the eyes.



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