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August 28, 2008

Flying in good taste

Nashville Airport
B Concourse

my brisket sandwich

Nashville Airport has done a lot to improve the airport food standing. There are kiosks and shops from some of my favorite restaurants in town including Baja Burrito, Noshville, Provence and now Neely's. These new food kiosks remind me of the bad days from 2 Tgivings ago when we were stranded at the Nashville airport, and were given $10 vouchers to eat. We looked and looked, and the food quality was so poor (disgusting, and I would not even have my best enemy eat that crap), we opted to go hungry until we found bruised bananas and a rice crispy treat.

My, what a difference 1-1/2 years and millions of dollars of renovations make. It it was the 2nd day that the Neely's kiosk had been open on B concourse at the Nashville Airport. Luckily we were catching a plane out of B concourse. We were thrilled. We each wanted to eat something good and fairly good for us because it was going to be a long time until we had dinner plans at our destination. We like Neely's in Metrocenter and Memphis, and we hoped to like Neely's at the Airport. The menu is abbreviated with pulled pork, chopped brisket, and turkey sandwiches as the choices, but that is enough at an airport. That was a smart move because those BBQ smoked meats will travel well and can sit on a warmer for a long time without losing too much of their integrity.

Because it was the 2nd day the kiosk was open, there was a logistical problem between the order taker and order filler. There was an incredibly long wait between placing an order and picking up the order. I don't think that they had their mise en place set up, and I don't think that the sides and extra sauce ordering was translating to the back either. After quite sometime, my brisket sandwich came out drenched in sauce, after I made sure to order it dry. I am not a big fan of Neely's vinegary sauce, but I don't need to be because they do such a fantastic job with smoking the meats, and sauce just covers the delicate smoky flavor. I had to wait for a correct sandwich with no sauce. Finally, a correct sandwich came out, and there was a small side 1/4 cup container of Neely's yellow spicy coleslaw. That was awesome because I do like putting the slaw on my sandwich. The sandwich was so huge, it took me quite a long time to eat it. Good thing the airlines ask for people to be at the gate 1 hr ahead of the flight, and I needed all that time to order the sandwich and eat the sandwich. The brisket sandwich was really good, and I think that the integrity of the Neely's name is intact. This is the best airport food I have ever had. Now, if they can just fix the communication problem between front of house and kitchen to get the orders right, and speed up the delivery, we will have a winner of all airport food!


At 8/29/08, 1:04 AM, Blogger Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That sandwich looks good!



At 8/29/08, 7:58 AM, Blogger Eric and Katie said...

Lannae: That's good to hear. I too really like Neely's and would hate to see their quality diminished at the airport. Unfortunately my run ins with Noshville at the airport have been pretty sad. I like the Noshville Broadway location and was really frustrated by the poor service and mediocre food at the airport, and even more so by the bill that came with it. next time I'll try Neely's!

At 8/29/08, 8:16 AM, Blogger Lannae said...

Dear Rosa, it was very good! Thank you for stopping in to my blog!

Eric andd Katie, I too have had bad food at Noshville and Provence at the airport. Noshville was particularly bad at the airport, so I will never eat there again. Provence airport food is days old in the case, and days old bread and croissants are horrible. The Baja Burrito chips and salsa are good at the airport (concourse C). Now, Neely's this can translate well at the airport, and it does. When I need to catch a meal at the airport, no matter what concourse I need, I am getting off at the 1st shuttle stop and going to concours B for it is Neely's for me!

At 8/29/08, 8:46 AM, Blogger Natalie said...

Every time I hit the airport (which is not so frequent as you, but still, I fly about once every other month), I am amazed at the changes. They seem to be moving so quickly on the renovations. I actually plan NOT to eat in the house before I leave for the airport so I can grab an omlette at Noshville or a burrito.

At 8/29/08, 9:30 AM, Blogger BP said...

I know! It is crazy how different the airport is now - especially the security checkpoint. My personal favorite of the new additions is Swett's. If you had told me ten years ago that our airport would have a Swett's in it, I would never have believed it.

At 8/29/08, 4:41 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Hey Natalie, um the only fish market in town seems to be Gulf Pride in Franklin. That is where 2 locally owned restaurant chefs get their fish from. The fish at Whole Foods looked terrible yesterday. And, food at the airport, I too am going to not eat before going to the airport and I will be getting a Neely's sandwich.

Hi BP, good luck at your next competition! And, I did not see Swett's at the Airport. I need to go give them a little business too! Here's to yummy flying!


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