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January 15, 2011

Cheesy Comfort Food

the grilled cheese sandwich

The deal is Chrystal uses Tennessee made ingredients in her grilled cheese sandwiches including Silke's bread, Benton's bacon, and Sweetwater cheese. There is a soy based cheese Chrystal offers for the vegans, but in my opinion, what is the point of a a grilled "cheese" when you don't want the cheese. The concept is simple, get on the tweet or facebook listing for the Grilled Cheeserie, find out where they are going to be, and go order a grilled cheese. You can choose the type of bread, type of cheese, and any other type of filling on the daily changing menu that you may want. Chrystal cooks it up, and voila! A perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Chrystal offers soups such as the classic tomato soup on the side as well, and that is usually only an additional $1. Talk about the ultimate comfort food.

the truck

If you see the truck, stop in for a snack or meal. My observation is that this food truck was started in the cold winter months. It is a bit questionable to start this biz in cold weather which people don't like to be outside. I wonder how business is. I wonder if business will pick up for this delightful truck when spring hits. I wonder what the strategy was to open this mobile food truck during the coldest time of year.

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At 1/16/11, 6:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy but the winter weather makes it less appealing as noted.


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