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July 22, 2011

Sorbet Experiment 1

I love Mark Bittman's easy recipes. This one seemed to easy to be true. And it kind of was.

I went to my super secret organic blueberry patch and picked blueberries, and tossed a bunch in the freezer. The Man went to the store and bought some yogurt with real live active cultures for me because I was out. I have sugar, lemon for the zest and water at house. So, I did what he did. The result was tasty, but an ugly mess. I may have whirled it up too much because it
started to be melty. I put the majority of it in the freezer, and a day later I have a hard frozen block of tasty mess.

the frozen block of mess

The flavor with blueberries and lemon zest is just delicious. The texture with the yogurt was a little gummy right out of the machine. Then I tried it again about an hour in the freezer, and it was really goopy and gummy like old cold oatmeal, but the flavor is just still delicious. Visually, it looks like I killed something in the food processor, but the flavor is just delicious. This recipe would be great if I could make the texture and visual appeal better.

I still don't have an ice cream maker, so the sorbet, ice cream, and the like are still ever elusive for me. I keep trying to find a frozen treat method that does not require an ice cream maker. Maybe I should have added less yogurt and a teaspoon of alcohol to keep it from freezing into a hard block of mess.


At 7/22/11, 1:50 PM, Anonymous Lesley said...

Alcohol helps, but so does carbonated water (or sodas)--gives a little slush to a sorbet. A favorite trick of mine.

At 7/24/11, 5:12 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks Lesley, I could use the help!

At 7/25/11, 2:04 PM, Blogger Katie Zeller said...

I don't have an ice cream maker either... so I can relate to your attempts. Carbonated water, eh?


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