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July 29, 2011

Surely Pearly

East Pearl
1810 Liddell Ln
Duluth, GA

har-gau - shrimp dumpling

The last time I was in Atlanta, I want to go to the outlet mall before heading home. The Discovery Outlet Mall is up Rt85 in on Sugarloaf Pkwy, and I wanted dim sum, but on the way to the outlet mall. So, there was one place that came up and it was East Pearl. By the time I got to the East Pearl, it may have been about 1 pm, after the lunch rush, and this place was not too crowded, plenty of parking, and easy access off of Rt 85. I was excited to be able to get dim sum midweek, like you can in NY, LA and Boston! There is no worthy dim sum in Nashville, and there is definitely no dim sum mid-week in Nashville, so this was just a nice treat for myself.

I got all my favorites, shrimp dumplings, veggie chive dumplings, sticky rice and piquot. I love dumpling dim sum. I love the rice noodles around the stuffing. I love the little bits you can take of them. I love the flavor. I just love how cute little dumplings are. I love most all things dumplings. The piquot wasn't the best, not enough fermented black bean flavor, it was just steamed pork. And there isn't a stick rice dish I don't like. I love sticky rice. It must be how bread people feel about bread. I have been to restaurants where stale rolls with margarine are served, and it is just terrible, but the bread people eat it up because they love bread. Well, that is how I feel about sticky rice, even if it is bad, or day old, or cold, I still love sticky rice. This sticky rice wasn't the most complex recipe, rather it simply had some ground pork in it, and I still ate it all because I haven't met a sticky rice dish I haven't liked yet.

For an area so far outside of Atlanta, and Decatur (Buford Hwy - the most delicious road in he Atlanta area) this is a nice little dim sum outpost.

piquot - pork, and jung - sticky rice in banana leaf

So after lunch, I went to the Discovery Outlet. What fun for me! I have not really been shopping for clothes for over a year, maybe 2. I have a sister that still lives by the 1980s motto "Shop 'Til You Drop" almost everyday, and she is probably smirking at me for not shopping for clothing more than once every other year. At the Discovery Mall, there is a Sears Clothing Outlet with clothes at is $5 or less. Yup, every piece was $5 or less. I got a bunch of Land's End clothing there, and Land's End is really very sturdy and well made clothing. Yes, this brand may be a little boring for some, but it is perfect for me. I got 4 shirts and 2 jeans for $30+tax. That is a good deal for 1st rate new clothing!! The Land's End jeans are super sturdy, well made, comfortable and I am so happy to have these jeans for $5 each. I originally did not know that everything in the Sears Clothing Outlet was $5 or less because the tags still have the original tags on them. Had I known, I would have bought more of the jeans because 1 pair originally retails for 6 times as much! I could have gotten 6 pairs for the same price as 1. Amazing. What can I say, I love Sears, and Land's End, and I love this Sears Clothing Outlet!

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At 7/30/11, 12:43 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

On our next trip to Atlanta I will definitely be checking out the Sears Outlet store! Sounds like you really hit the jackpot!!

At 8/2/11, 4:01 PM, Blogger Pete said...

Great post Lannae...

I'm going to Houston in a few weeks and I'll be making my way through their Chinatown.

Do you have any recommendations for Houston restaurants?

At 8/2/11, 5:01 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Alicia, Oh yes! The Sears Outlet Store is awesome! It is huge, and it is all 1st quality clothing as sold in regular Sears stores!

Hi Pete, I too will be in Houston in a few weeks. I will 1st be in the NW siide working, then the SE side for R&R (eat good food in Houston!). What are you doing there? I know one for dim sum, it is Ocean Palace. I have relatives in Houston, and they swear by this place for dim sum, Sunday morning of course. Get there early because the line is crazy after 11 am. This place is as big as a football stadium, and they fill it for hours on Sunday. I will be at the Ocean Palace on Sunday in a few weeks. The other place we went for dinner was the Hong Kong (both are on Ballaire Rd). It is more home style Hong Kong food. They have bitter melon, meats hanging in the window, and great birds nest dishes. It is more home style, so nothing fancy, but solid Hong Kong style cooking.

I will ask my relatives to recommend more Chinese restaurants. Yum!

At 8/3/11, 12:45 PM, Blogger Pete said...


I'm going for work on the 14th for a week. I believe we're staying a few miles away from Bellaire which is close to Chinatown.

I emailed a local food blogger and she sent this back. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try out some of those places.

Let's start with the easiest: Japanese. We don't have a great representation of Japanese in Houston but i'm comparing to LA, NY, SF. The only good, authentic Japanese restaurant in Chinatown is Miyagi. It's a whole in the wall with reliable sushi and hot food. If you want next level, modern Japanese, check out Kata Robata (about 20 min drive). Reserve a seat at the sushi bar and let them know you want the omakase (chef's tasting). It'll run you about $90 which is a great value. I've had omakase for double the price in LA, NYC and it is right up there with the best.

For chinese, you're in the right part of town.

--For dim sum, I'd go to Dim Sum King (no cart service). It's a bustling, tiny place. If you prefer to visit one of the dim sum palaces with push carts, go to Ocean Palace. OP doesn't have the best dim sum in town, but it's a Chinatown experience. It's in the Hong Kong City Mall which will be fun to walk through after lunch. Get a vietnamese banh mi sandwich at Alpha Bakery inside. It's make a nice snack for later.

--For szechuan, go to Sichuan Cuisine. I'm also hearing great things about Mala restaurant, but i haven't visited yet.

--For dumplings, soup dumplings, scallion pancakes, noodle soups, go to Fufu Cafe. It's open late. Cheap lunch menu too. Don't get Fufu Cafe confused with Fufu Restaurant which share a parking lot. The restaurant is newer, nicer, slightly more expensive and not as consistent.

--For good peking duck and seafood, check out Arco Seafood. Dim sum is good too, but no push carts.

--One of my favorite spots (open late) is Hong Kong Food Street. The roasted pork (appetizer) with crispy skin is phenomenal. I always get the live steamed dungeness crab in lotus leaf and snow pea shoots stirfried with garlic too. You'll need to round up at least one more person to help you eat the crab dish. Probably one of the most pricey meals in Chinatown but sooo worth it.

For Vietnamese, go to Que Huong. Start with a salad (goi) and see what else on the menu interests you. Everything is good but i wouldnt waste the visit with pho or rice plates since you can get that any other Viet place in the area.

-- For pho, go to Pho Binh By Night (opens at 4). Get a side of bone marrow broth.

-- For banh bot chien (rice cake omelet) and good won ton soup, go to Tan Tan. It's open late. It's the best example of the many Vietnamese-Chinese restaurants we have in town.

-- Another good Viet-Chinese seafood option is Vinh Hoa in Dynasty Mall. Awesome $5.25 lunch specials. Only go for lunch (dinner is not a good value) and focus on the Chinese seafood dishes. DO NOT skip the fried whole rex sole.

At 8/3/11, 1:30 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Pete, I will just miss you, I will be there a week prior. You will be coming as I am going. You will have to tell me where you ate and how it was when you get back! Very fun!

For other diniong choices, I got a Groupon for a steak house in NW Houston near where I am going to stay for work. I hope it is good!

This is what my relatives have tosay aobut Chiense food in Houston, and they say the same thignn I say. OP for dim sum and the Hong Kong for home style Chinese. I am pretty sure they do Friday supper at Hong Kong Food Street quite often, and have done so for years. Also, OP is really good dim sum (compared to Nashville it is great) and it is also the cart and Hong Kong/NYC dim sum experience. That is worth something beyond the food.

Anyway, her ei swhat my relatives have to say:

There are many good restaurants along Bellaire near the Sam Houston tollway (aka the Beltway). There is Hong Kong Food Street. It is located at 9750 Bellaire. Another is Sinh Sinh is at 9788 Bellaire very near Hong Kong Food Street. Both are very authentic Chinese right down to the Chinese speaking wait staff.


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