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November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Part 2

Part 2 for our Thanksgiving adventure at home. We had many offer to share more food on Thanksgiving, and we completely took advantage of that. We, ourselves, had no food in the house due to thinking we were eating 1200 miles away for days, we had sparingly made fresh food all week as to eat it all and not waste food, so we really needed to eat at other peoples homes. It was either that, or take out Chinese, but even the take out places closed early so they could celebrate at home.

Our friends J&M and so great! They were so nice to offer Thanksgiving to all the people who could not get to their family's for the day. J is a vegetarian, but J decided to treat us all with a cruelty free, hormone free, free range, turkey, and J cooked it. M is Italian, and if you know Italians, there are always situations where they offer TONS OF FOOD because guest may go hunger otherwise. =) When we got to J&M's, there were the HUGEST platters of cheese, crackers, artichoke hearts, olives, mozzarella and tomatos, eggplant and cauliflower, and all the beverages from wine, beer, water, and soda you could ever want. These were just the starters folks.
Here is the tomato and mozzarella, like M's good Italian American family would have.

Here is the pot of steaming hot potatoes getting ready to be garlicky mashed potatoes. Yes folks, there is a whole head (not clove, but head) of roasted garlic that will make these potatoes creamy, garlicky and delicious!

Here is round 2, all the sides of the main dinner, cornbread dressing, corn, garlicky mashed potatoes, green bean casserole made the traditional way, and potato salad. The green bean casserole is awesome! It is green beans, a can of Campbell's condensed cream of mushroom soup, a little milk, baked until hot, and then finished with French's crispy fried onions on top. This is a dish that is a funny tradition, but I love it!

Here is vegetarian J's free range, hormone free, cruelty free turkey. Bring it on baby! It was basted with lots of delicious butter and Italian herbs. *kiss-kiss* delicious! Thanks J&M for a great turkey, and leftover for us to take home.

J&M got extra big plates for dinner. These plates are about 150% the size of normal dinner plates. As you can see, I took a FULL plate. YUM! And I took another plate full too. AND we had pumpkin pie, ice cream and cookies for dessert. Yup, can you say food coma?

All this, and we had #2 dinner to go!


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