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November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Part 3

Looking to enjoy more friends on Tgiving, we left J&M's and went over to D&L, whom we met 4 years ago when they felt bad for us for trying to cut down a giant weed bush, for hours, with a hand saw. They came over with a gas powered hedge cutter, and cut down the weed bush in 2 minutes.

We stopped on in to D&L's and there were lots and of people there too. Mind you, I had already eaten 2 full plates and plenty of dessert at J&M's, but what they hey, I went for another round of delicous food!

To start off on the top of my list was homemade cranbery sauce with cranberry and oranges. I used to do research on a long stretch of roadway next to cranberry bogs on Cape Cod, MA, very close to Plymouth Rock, where it snows a lot. Instead of using salt to de-ice roads, we used a short chain sugar de-icers. Salt ruins plants and bogs, rusts out cars, and ruins asphalt roads. The sugar de-icer does not ruin these things, and it actually is beneficial to plants and fauna. So, everyone out there who enjoys dried cranberries, cranberrry juice, cranberry sauce, and cranberries in general, can thank me for saving the viability of our cranberry bogs!

Yes, back to the dinner. Here was the buffet table of hot foods: turkey, dressing, green beans with carmelized onions, mashed sweet potatoes, red potatoes, spaghetti squash, roles, and Tofurkey (non-meat turkey). Yup, after 2 giant plates and dessert at J&M's house, I did take a tasting of all hot foods from D&L's house.

Here is the cool salad table. Yup, after 2 full giant plates from J&M's house, I took a little of all the salad items at D&L's house too. The salad table included shrimp, fresh pineapple, Waldorf salad, green lettuce salad, onions, cheese, olives, pecans, deviled eggs and vegetable crudette.

Here is a nice picture of the table at D&L's house. I would like to inform you that I had a 2nd plate at D&L's as well. It was turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce. Now look, I spent 2 1/2 years freezing my ass off, sometimes neck deep in snow, trying to help the farmland (cranberry bog) fouling problem due to road salt deicing. I am not kidding around, and I am going to enjoy as much cranberry sauce, cranberry juice, and cranberries in general from here on out! I had to have 4 plates with cranberry sauce on each plate just to make Thanksgiving right.

Here is a post-blogpost-note. Tim is still the record holder for having the most Thanksgiving Dinners on one Thanksgiving. Tim went to his in-law's relative's house to start with a full dinner, then he went to his parent's house for a full dinner, and THEN he went over the Mr&Mrs A's house for yet another full dinner. That would be approximately 6 plates of food for Tim (and no he is not huge, he is a bean pole!) for one Thanksgiving. I found myself this year at 2/3 of the way to Tim's Thanksgiving record. Next year, shall I attempt to break the legendary record held by Tim?


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